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Singapore collection (73 pieces)

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I would like to move these out quick & easy, so I am going to sell them as a bulk lot.


dates/denominations as follows:


1 cent:

-- 1971.

-- 1986.89

-- 1993.94.95


5 cent:

-- 1967.

-- 1985.

-- 1995.2001


10 cent:

-- 1967.

-- 1985.

-- 1993


20 cent:

-- 1967.

-- 1985.

-- 1997


50 cent:

-- 1971.74

-- 1985.

-- 1995


1 dollar:





73 pieces in all, with a face value of SGD11.39.

At current exchange rates as quoted on xe.com, that translates to US$7.50 ($7.51220 to be precise).


These coins are all in mylar 1½X1½ cardboard holders (except the 50 cent pieces, which are in flips),

all mounted on 3 20-pocket pages.


I know there isn't a *HUGE* market for Singapore minors, but would anyone be willing to take these

off my hands for face value ($7.50), plus about $3.00 for postage (total = $10.50), overseas buyers

add an extra $3.00 for postage.


I prefer PayPal, will also accept MoneyBookers, Western Union transfer, US$ cash, checks or money orders.


I am going to list this in other places as well, so offer may be withdrawn, and the winning buyer will be determined

by earliest e-mail/PM time-stamp.

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Sometimes you just have to be fast. :ninja:


Not to worry. Next up, probably later tonight, will be a similar lot of coins from Malaysia, and a smaller lot from Indonesia. Also have some individual pieces from earlier renditions of these places (Straits Settlements, British North Borneo, Dutch East Indies, etc.)

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