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2 Kopeck 1814 scarce variant


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gxseries, what is that unusual about 1826 2 Kopecks?


Note about 1814 2 Kopecks without mintmaster initials. There are pieces where mintmaster initials were removed to make a rare coin out of ordinary one (with mintmaster initials). I do not imply that this was the case with the coin sold on e-bay, but caution is in order, especially when coin shows some corrosion.



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WCO, because to me, it doesn't look like EM, it looks more like EH to me and the mintmaster seems to be NK instead of "I"K, "I" as in the reversed N in cyrillic.




even if it is so, it wont sell for much. There is nothing special about it. and it is in a bad condition.

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