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The Gallery Mint Museum


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I have tried, by e-mail and phone, to reach the Gallery Mint. The e-mails go unanswered and the phones are disconnected. Their Ebay store is empty and you cannot access the store on their website.

By all appearances the mint museum seems to be shut down, does anybody know if this is true?


For those that don't know the Gallery mint is a working museum that is dedicated the history of coin production dating from the time of hammered coinage up to the use of the steam powered coin presses of the early 1800's. Gallery mint workers travelled to various coin shows to demonstrate the various production methods of old.

Here is an example of their work.



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That would suck if they were, I own a few of thier coins, and nobody makes better copies than they do.

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The Gallery Mint Museum (GMM) was sold and now operates as Striker Token and Medal:


You can still purchase GMM-made items from them plus they have some new creations.


Additionally they made the following:


Coin club selling “Lincoln Large Cent”

Striker Token and Medal recently struck an anniversary medal set for the Lincoln Coin Club that is being offered for sale as a fundraiser for the club.

The medal design is referred to as a Lincoln Large Cent and also has an innovative counterstamped version.

Please see the press release for more information:



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