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  1. Looking for the following and any leads on related from ANA Money Museum National Coin Week issues, ANA SS "Art of Engraving" class and Summer Seminar Banquet medal for 2013-14. Will purchase or trade for similar ANA related material from contemporary small private minters. Cheers! 2013 - ANA MM NCW 2013 (Black Diamond centennial) 2014 ANA SS AOE (Tatiana Klacsmann design -- also seeking other students) 2014 - ANA MM NCW 2014 (Kennedy 1/2 50th Anniv) 2014 ANA SS (Banquet medal) https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/H6urN68102zqQEQm12jEm-jv0AkcrXqrSfytVYSe9J2UFKwnJMSU3-kcYvuHn5pgwNcGzNQiv
  2. The fantasy nation coin I designed was released by http://www.bluewatersmint.com/ last month and is still available. I've also just released a fantasy nation coin of my very own manufacture: http://www.kpftradio.com/altcash.html
  3. The coin I designed for the fantasy nation of Valemaa is now on sale at http://www.bluewatersmint.com. Blue Waters Mint is based in Cypress, Texas and is run by proprietor Bill Turner. Turner issues coins, currency and stamps for dozens of fantasy nations applying a unique variety of techniques and materials in his products. Valemaa is described as a tiny remote island in the Baltic Sea, sadly suffering from longstanding economic distress. Even so, the traditional symbol of the spirit of the people there is ringing bells. I created a two-dimensional design for the obverse of the Valema
  4. The Renderer piece appears to have been engraved and minted by H. Alvin Sharpe, creator of the aluminum doubloons for New Orleans Mardi Gras. He's done a few storecards.
  5. The Greater Houston Coin Club has just ordered some woodies to pass out during National Coin Week. It'll be the first time in a while. They are set to be Good4 50% off new membership.
  6. The medallic work of Helmut Zobl is very inspiring. Where might someone like me in the United States find such items?
  7. Do you know who the minter is who hand hammered pewter show tokens at the 2010 Boston ANA Convention? The show tokens have the traditional image of a Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling on one side and "ANA 2010 Boston" on the other. I'd primarily want to know who the on-site minter/celator of these is, and secondarily wish to obtain one. Thanx!
  8. Recently updated list of low mintage Gallery Mint Museum items, including: Limited edition 1792 patterns - Wright pattern quarter die trials - uniface pewter strikes - Wright pattern in copper - Disme in copper New York Numis. Club medal (1998) with multiple overdates on 1796 cent reproduction Milwaukee Numis. Society ultra-hi relief Winged Liberty trial strike And an additional pair of medalets designed by Greg Franck-Weiby (aka: Ian Cnulle) for the 2004 ANA Money Show in Portland Illustrated list: http://www.kpftradio.com/gmm/websale.html
  9. Sweet!, since I'm still trying to find out.
  10. I found a zinc cent and clad dime planchet along with some mystery tokens in a lot of rejected change from a cashiers till. The cent planchet is slightly bent. I'm wondering most about the strange token with a crude regal portrait on it. The edge is scalloped and appears modern, but the design is virtually barbaric. Is this some sort of pirate treasure play money? And is the brass token Vietnam era from Sega in Japan, or from Sunshine Mint. Thanx for your replies.
  11. I just put up a youtube of three of our TV advertisements, running locally on Cable, that promote this week's Money Show of the Southwest in Houston. These were produced by David Lisot of CoinTelevision.com: http://www.houstoncoinshow.org/
  12. I've recently updated my webpage featuring a sale of very low mintage Gallery Mint Museum items designed by Ron Landis. Most are under 100 minted and features a few very desirable and rarely available pieces. http://www.kpftradio.com/gmm/websale.html
  13. I've got one of those. I've also got a bunch of contemporary numismatic-themed storecards, mostly minted by the Patrick Mint.
  14. I'm looking to obtain any silver versions of the tokens struck during summer seminar this year made by Joe Paonessa and George Cuhaj. I have similar small private mint items available to trade, or coins in trade or will purchase. Thanx! Graphic of three types of summer seminar tokens:
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