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Washie $1 Numbers


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Picked up 2 rolls of 2007 Dollars at the bank today. Only two rolls they had and they were "rewrapped" not mint rolls. I took them anyways because I didnt have any yet. Here are the numbers:


With side letters readable:

24 heads up

24 tails up


2 Sacs thrown into the mix. Boy did I get excited when I saw an edge with no lettering... bah!


I expected the count to be close... dead even. Why are people buying the upsidedown ones? :ninja:


1 of the Readable with head side up has light edge lettering near the heads side. This might be damage from a counter but I wouldnt say this lot had been through a counter. The coins are in much better condition then I expected.


Will be going through them with a mag. glass this afternoon after I run some erins, I will report back any cool finds.



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I don't understand it either. I grabbed five of the new dollars at the bank yesterday morning, and two were right-side up, three were upside down. I guess there are a LOT of fools out there :ninja:

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The stupidity of looking through the new dollars for errors is the same thing that happened with the Bicentennial Quarters, Sac dollars, Saca whatever dollar, state quarters and on and on and on. Each time the Mint issues something, the strange people come out of the wood work trying to get rich with the one and only of something. Now with these the people that know I know something about coins have hit me with the new dollars with side lettering upside down, right side up, none at all, poor strikes, double lettering on the side, no image on one side and just about anything else. I've tried to tell them of all the hoaxes already starting, but no, I'm wrong, they are going to get rich. Think I'll go out and get some and erase the letters on the sides too. And all this time the Mint is laughing their heads off.

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