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Belgium 20 Centimes 1953-1963 KM 146 & 147


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I am a collector of varieties and errorcoins of Belgium, and I wanted to point this out.




I have been studying these and have found the following coins.




As you can see, these are the 3 dates that exist with the 'Centimes touching rim', aswell as 'Centimes not touching rim'. Looking at the values that are next to those, they seem to be very easy to find. Still, I have a large quantity of these and the 3 dates that are shown in the picture, only come in the 'Centimes not touching rim'-variety.


I have checked the following amount of coins of these 3 dates:


1953 French Legends: 42

1954 Dutch Legends: 285

1960 Dutch Legends: 36


For the 1954 and 1960, the value is a bit higher in Krause, but not in that degree as you can see in my investigation.


The 1953 is even stranger, because this means that the more expensive variety is the only one I found.


I have checked Belgian catalogues, and they are only mentioned in 1 work, being 'Arnoud Grispen - Belgische munten onder de loep'.


There is only mentioned that the variety exists for the 3 dates, but nothing on the rarity.


Does anyone of you have the 'Centimes touching rim'-variety of these coins?


Keep in mind, all other dates have the 'Centimes touching rim', as shown in the image below.




Also the 1954 French Legends is a true variety, but is very rare. If you do find that piece, be sure to check the 4, because most of them are forgeries with an altered number. (made from the 1958 and 1959 coins)


There you go, a tiny study on this tiny coin, but someone had to do it! :ninja:





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