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Some Nice Exonumia for the LC Folks....


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Here's a couple nice medals with a Large Cent tie in. The first is a medal featuring Joseph Mickely, the so-called father of large cent collecting. I was boppin' thru a show around 96 and a medal dealer had this in his case for the princely sum of 20 bucks! It now lives with me :ninja:;);) .


The second is a David Rittenhouse mint medal struck circa 1874. Not sure if the dealer thought it was a modern restrike, but I only paid 40 bucks for it. A poor photo, hi-relief is tough with the digital. I'll have to re-shoot some day.


For those who care to, there's a bunch of photos and some of my articles on my personal web space, feel free to browse and download what you can use.






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Very nice coppers :ninja:


Photographing high relief medals and such requires that you set the camera to "manual" mode, and use a larger number aperature like f.8 or f.11. When I'm using a dedicated macro lense on a digital SLR, I set aperature to at least f.16, usually higher. I've taken some at f.32. The larger number settings will bring all of the detail into focus.

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