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Which russian coins are most likely fakes


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I collect mostly 19th century russian coins. I have seen from that period fake commemorative roubles, platinum roubles some "ordinary" roubles but not much fake minor values. Of course minor values are not that "profitable" to fake. Any experiences on that?


I've also undertood that 18th century is another story...



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Pretty simple - as long as it has a high value, probably over 100USD+, counterfeiters will go for it. There are some exemptions though, that is I have seen smaller common Nikolai II silver kopeks counterfeited as well. That as well goes for the more common examples of the Ekaterina II 5 kopeks, where the Swedish mint found counterfeiting 5 kopeks to be too profitable.


In short summary, anything can be counterfeited as they are worth at least over their metal value!

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