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  1. Hello! I've been away for a while, but here's an interestin one. I assume it is a fake: - Polupoltinnik 1808 MK (to my knowledge MK does not exist) - Eagle and reverse text is taken from rouble 1808 MK - Leaves are from polupoltinnik
  2. Hello, I'm coing to visit these countries in July by car, Riga, Vilnius, Gdynia, etc..... Any suggestions? Are there coins shops with reasonable prices? Janne
  3. Some interesting coins in auction in my home country (11th february; see www.snynumis.fi): Alexander I 161. Rouble 1801 СПБ/AI. Novodel, 19,32 g. Bit H645 Very rare 01 AR 5.000 162. Rouble 180. Novodel, 21,65 g. Bit H667 Very rare, reverse struck with a broken die 01 AR 5.000 163. Rouble 1808 СПБ/МК. Bit 72 1+ AR 400 164. Rouble 1808 СПБ/МК. Bit 72, unsign. planchet defects, cleaned 1+ AR 250 165. Rouble 1810 СПБ/ФГ. Bit 75 1-1+/1+ AR 300 Some pictures http://snynumis.squarespace.com/storage/hk381/381pages05_08.pdf
  4. "I turned up my nose at a VF in an auction once, and it ended up going for $325" Wow! That would be the same as winning in the lottery!
  5. Poltina and quarter rouble of this type are missing from my collection. Because I keep my coins at least XF or so they are probably missing forever...well, if I win in the lottery maybe then:o)
  6. Which type is this one? http://www.ebay.de/itm/1-2-Rubel-Poltina-1810-Russland-Bitkin-80-RR-/120845438495
  7. Hello! Added some new pictures of my russian coin collection. Rouble 1809, 10 kopeks 1810, Poltina 1859,... Janne http://www.omnicoin....ry=10045&page=1
  8. Low relief on the left, high on the right. Janne
  9. So I didn't get the coin. Unless if its for sale again in "Unsold lots"...It's interesting that in most cases reserve was not met and it was actually higher than the estimated prize. This means they are estimating the coin will not sell...) Janne
  10. Hello! A question about last Kuenker auction yesterday 27.9: What does a final prize of 3800€ (with reservation) actually mean? Does "with reservation" stand for hammerprize+costs? I made an offer pretty close to this amount so did I get the coin or not? Just can't wait:o) Janne
  11. Hello, Just bought this one. Just to keep this site with new posts: http://www.omnicoin.com/viewcoin/994473 Opinions, everyone. Not perfect, but good enough to my collection. Janne
  12. Hello, I put some new coin pictures into omnicoin.com, for example rouble of 1809. Not the best scans though... http://www.omnicoin.com/collection/janneen?page=1&sort=sort&sale=0&country=10045 Janne
  13. I posted this picture once already , but nevertheless... The right hook looks upside down, don't you think? Do you have any idea of rarity of this variety? Hope the picture is good enough. Janne
  14. Hello! Is this the "Open 2" variety of wings-up series rouble (-1826)? In reference books 2 looks different but this is not closed either... Janne Untitled.bmp
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