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1900 French 5 centimes


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Here's a coin that collectors of french bronze coinage should be on the lookout for. It was noted in CGB's `Le Franc' a few years ago and that made me look at the one in my collection. Sure enough the one i had at that time was indeed a `900'.


If you look at the date, instead of being 1900 it is 900 due to the first digit in the date on the die having been filled and compacted with grease or other substances. The net result is a coin dated 900. Under high magnification there is an outline of the 1, but to the naked eye there isn't.


These can't be uncommon though, as I have found two examples in the wild to date. Still plenty left `out there' I guess, but I suspect there will be an ever increasing number of people wanting them in the years to come.


My apologies for the quality of the scan. I'm the only person I know who can take a beautiful coin, put it into a scanner and proceed to make it look as though it has been dragged through a hedge backwards by the cat :ninja:. Still, it's good enough to see what i'm talking about.





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