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A couple Japanese

Mark Stilson

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Found a nice page on Chinese dollars with history.


"The year of 1911 is an important milestone in Chinese history. The 1911 Revolution, a modern democracy movement in China, broke out in that year and rocked the entire world.


The Founding Father, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen put forward his political goal against the Ching Dynasty and led the revolution to overthrow the feudal monarchy in China."

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Regarding the coin, to correct the article- while scarcer seen than other "common" silver dollars, it is not very widely collected, and thus isn't exactly valuable. Well, not in comparison to dragon dollars anyways, which have always enjoyed lots of popularity.


Regarding the quote above-


Unfortunately, "China" never did become a democracy. Sun's successor Chang Kai-Shek decided to drive out the Communists*, resulting in civil war. The democracy his party (the KuoMingTang, "people's party") had promised by 1934 never came.


*At the time, he was trying to remove some of the foreign powers and concessions, and he decided to start by attacking Soviet power since he deemed the recently formed USSR to be weak. Thus, he launched his attack against the Communists in China, who previously were in a coalition government with the KMT.


[note: feel free to move to debates if this is too political]

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