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2004 €100

Sir Sisu

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Designer: Pertti Mäkinen

Au 900, 22mm, 8.64g

Mintage Proof 8,500



Obverse: Partial portrait of Edelfelt and an outline of a painter's palette.

Reverse: A hanging flower symbolizing women; an ever present part of Edelfelt's life, and a folding fan that symbolizes the Japanese influence on the art world of his time.

Edge: Plain



Commemorates the 150th year of Albert Edelfelt's (1854-1905) birth. He entered university not to study art, but it soon became his career after his talents became noticed. He eventually moved to study and work in Paris. Originally wanting to do historical paintings, he focused on painting portraits and realistic landscapes. He was commissioned to do work for the family of tsar Alexander III's and Louis Pasteur among other notables. Though he lived and worked in Paris, he predominantly painted Finnish landscapes, which played a significant role in the growing national awakening of a Finnish identity.

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