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Mystery coin found on Tower Beach Foreshore


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Weight: 4 grams

Diameter: 19mm


Seems to be made of a grey/white metal not copper.


Had a great time today at the Tower Beach open day organised by COLAS (City of London Archealogical Society).


They open the foreshore at Tower Beach for one weekend each year so that amateur treasure hunters can have a go. Lots of people turned up and I was surprised at the amount of history that was dug up in just a 200 yard by 20 yard section of foreshore.


Lots of clay pipes, animal bones, grapeshot (2 inch metal shot packed into cannons and fired like a giant shotgun - ouch :ninja: )


Didn't see many coins turned up (except for modern copper stuff) but found this in shingle on the shoreline.


The experts guessed at perhaps a trading token.


It's not modern copper or "silver".


It's too heavy to be a farthing (they are around 3gram) and too thick (and wrong metal imho)


I might guess at it being silver.


Any views appreciated as I was very happy to see it turn up in my riddle (big metal sieve).





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Not much that I can say. On the bottom picture, there looks to be possibly a design that looks like a square that I would take a guess at possibly being a portcullis. I also see what might be a face in the top one. I'll highlight them when I get back later today.

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Drill a hole and its a washer :ninja:


I've resisted tin farthings so far...(I can't afford a decent grade nor be trusted to maintain it).


Please find gold in future.

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