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Battle of Austerlitz

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1995 Battle of Austerlitz, Czech Republic.



70mm, 8mm thick Link


In 1995 while my family and I were living in the Czech Republic I made several trips to the battlefield at Austerlitz. On one of those visits I saw a fog that almost exactly reproduced the conditions of the battle in 1805. In the descriptions of the battle we're told that Napoleon hid an entire division in a small area a short distance from the Pratzen Heights. Like many people who have studied Napoleon's most complete victory it seemed improbable at best. But I stood on the same hilltop that he did and saw a tiny valley absolutely encased in white butting up against the Heights. If they were quiet I could see that no one would notice these 5,000 men almost on top of the enemy center in the noise and confusion of battle.


This medal was only available at the museum at the top of the Heights. It cost $90, the equivilent of two weeks pay for the average Czech in 1995. A few months ago I ran across some pictures of one of my trips. The incredibly fat man in the pics is yours truly. While I'm not svelte by any means I'm nearly 200 pounds lighter today.

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As far as I know the medal was only available in the museum on the battlefield itself. I'll write a friend who lives near there and have him go take a look. :ninja:

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1995 Battle of Austerlitz, Czech Republic



40mm Link


Another medal from the battlefield shop at Austerlitz. This turns out to have been a limited edition of 250. I didn't know that at the time.

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