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  1. It'll probably be a lot of reference book work.
  2. Excel spreadsheet? I don't know... check on Google for reviews and such.
  3. Experience has taught me that rare coins rarely come to you by chance. I think uncirculated Morgans have grainy luster, my guess is that you haven't seen much silver yet.
  4. It has less wear on it, maybe what you see is some original mint luster.
  5. I've broken ANACS, PCGS, ICG, and NGC holders. ANACS's newest holders are popable, they can be taken apart by bare hands and persistence. The NGC holders I took apart had a rubber O-ring insert around the coin, the edgeviews sound similar. PCGS holders are like NGC holders. The ICG holder was splintered to liberate my MS66 Morgan.
  6. I agree with carl, make sure your family is aware of the situation. The 1922 you found most likely is cleaned and whizzed up. From what I've seen of cleaned coins they almost always have an unnatural shine.
  7. I once received a phony from Canada. Claimed it was a U.S. government grant check.
  8. Is the last one toned or stained?
  9. Hi guys, what's up with all the spammer stuff? I've been gone for a while I see. By the way an RSS feed is feature on your browser that allows you to "subscribe" to the content on a web page. Every time the web page's content is updated (more stuff added) the feed sends it your RSS feed subscription. I probably didn't describe it very well, but I'm not an expert on it either.
  10. I use a Redbook for relative prices, just to give me an idea. I also use Numismedia when Redbook doesn't list a certain variety. However nothing comes close to eBay's hard-fact true prices. Especially if you're a seller.
  11. Saflips all the way! Easy to use, attractive, and affordable. Although I admit to using slabs for better coins.
  12. Do you think that'll effect the price? I mean there's a lot of demand and limited quanities. I don't own any gold right now and it makes me concerned.
  13. Anyone else know anything about this? Seems pretty surprising in my opinion. The mint says they're temporarly out of one ounce gold eagles.
  14. So I see. I've used microsoft cashback before, but I don't know if they offer a referal program.
  15. You know I, and the others can't resist saying something like "wow!" or "nice!" don't you?
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