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  1. looks like someone is having trouble finding the post new topic button.. hahah!
  2. I got to handle this piece and photograph it for a customer today. I thought I'd share... What a monster!
  3. I think he was just a troll trying to get us to look at the site he hosted the sale on... I checked out the website and it appears to be very new... but why would he list a note like that for auction for 3 million on a site that has 5 members???? cause your trying to get people to look at the site... thats why... I think there are some ulterior motives going on here. guerrilla marketing.
  4. ha! yikes!! If he gets that im gonna start trolling the boards for a rich collector!! hahaha
  5. the whats hot whats not article
  6. I don't know, let me read the article... I haven't read it yet! hahaha Maybe a free shipping discount or something
  7. I have been soooo busy! Thanks everyone!! I really apprecieate it! Jeff its a home for Matt and his bride.... and in about 7 months, little baby Matt... haha! the next generation of coin people! If you have ever been into the old store... you would know this new store was like moving from a cardboard box to the Waldorf Estoria. PICS! as you come in the front door. where we buy stuff Our wonderful new shipping area... (its not my desk anymore!!!!!!)
  8. Alright guys! Just got an NGC submission of 1938 D Buffalo's back. I have these available for these prices. The coins are lightly champagne toned and all out of an original roll. Price does not include shipping. First come first served. PM for more. MS64's (2 Available) $28 Each MS65's (10 available) $50 Each MS66's (14 available) $70 Each
  9. Thanks gang!! This is kind of what I figured... but I bought it for scrap.. so im ok there...
  10. this piece is definitely made of gold.. it weighs 6.1 grams
  11. Hey gang! This piece is definitely gold! but I don't know enough to tell if it is real or not???
  12. those 80 oz bars are available in the gift shop.... kidding... while the treasure is neat to look at... there is a lot of shady dealings that go along with that particular treasure... pieces people bought as shipwreck pieces for 50 times more then they were worth because of the provenance to later learn that they were not... things like that... for me it taints the whole experience.
  13. had a nice positive dealing with Matt no probs at all
  14. I agree....I think platinum was due for a correction and I don't see it getting to those levels again any time in the near future. If your looking for a metals play I say stick with gold.
  15. exactly... with the auto makers in big trouble the demand for platinum is way way down... the average catalytic converter in a car contains between three and seven grams of the stuff
  16. I have a couple of these guys I figure I'd offer here before sending them off to EBay ville. up first is an 1806/5 O-101 This is a rarity 3 die pair. asking $230 plus shipping pm for more up second is a 1827 Square 2 0-112 in NGC AU55 Holder This is also an rarity 3 piece. asking $585 plus shipping
  17. asking $60 plus shipping... PM for more.
  18. Hey gang! I have decided to try to move this coin! This is a super piece! %100 original with absolutely no problems to speak of. Asking $400 (which is less then I paid for it) A really super piece. Also asking $400 for this guy! 1758 Salzburg Austria Thaler
  19. Why don't you just offer to buy the coin store or run it for the owner?????
  20. Hey gang!! I have some great gift ideas here... for yourself or someone else! A,ll prices DO NOT include shipping. PM for shipping info. I have a complete set of Standing Liberty Quarters minus the 1916. Asking $900 BU Franklins. These are all nice UNCs no sliders. Asking $525 I also have with photographs available on request. BU Roosevelt Dimes 1946-2004 (INC. Proofs, Silver Proofs, and 1996 W) $325 Jefferson Nickels BU 1938-2003 (INC. Proofs) $350 State Quarters BU 1999-2003 (INC Proofs, Silver Proofs) $120
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