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  1. Are you just sending one-kuna for a trip that you couldn't made, or is there something numismatically interesting in Toledo? ;)

    Some times you go to restaurant for 2-3 hours spending 30-60 Euros,the same time you can go to Toledo for for 5 hours and spend 20-40 Euros.It is just my recommendation.

    Toledo is city with great history ,one of the greatest city in Europe.Possible only one European city were lived together Christians, Jews and Muslims in 10th-12th century.

  2. I was in Madrid couple month ago .Around one old Plaza,possible Plaza Mayor about 10+ small coin shops primary selling numismatic supply,Spanish and colonial coins.Possible you will find couple 5 kopecks of Catherine II. No Russian coins!

    If you have time I'm highly recommend go to Toledo , about 30 minutes by train from Madrid railroad station.

  3. Odessa is an awesome place to visit, and most of the natives speak Russian but are friendlier than people in say Moscow. And the food is an eclectic mix of the many cultures that have come and gone there - so there is a lot of variety - you can even find Georgian, Greek, Kazakh etc. And so what if there is a line up to get in the restaurant(a sign you're in for an experience), because they usually bring out a tray of vodka shots to ameliorate the waiting time. it is a lot more cosmopolitan in just the last decade, but has of course gotten more expensive too.

    Agree 100% .Odessa is different from Russia and Ukraine.More friendlier and international city.

  4. nice coins but not "no reserve" as this usually means low start bid and coin will sell regardless of low bids or could go high with many bidders who want the coin.


    Your Russian coins are "buy it now" which are fixed price. Nice and safe way for the seller to get a good price, but boring and not a challenge for buyers to get a bargain and have fun with bids.


    I'm always trying sell different ways. Agree most of eBay buyers existing bid coins with no reserve and possibility for seller received very low or high price special for coins.

    In my experience most of the coins from eBay I buy with offer or buy it now because all the time busy and hard to find time for last minutes bid,some time auto bid (sniper)works better for me. But it just for me :).

  5. A little hard to look for coins, as they are mixed with literature. I like this one, have had it on my watch for a while:




    Only your pictures are too much into red and green which disturbs the perception somewhat, here is the picture after manual color correction:


    attachicon.gifpolushka 4 petals.jpg


    still looks very nice and natural :)

    Will add more images after Chicago Show
  6. Just return from my trip to Odessa Ukraine and Vienna Austria.Have great time.Great Weather,high quality food if you go to High level restaurants and clubs in Odessa.Prices similar to New York .

    Have Great time in Vienna( Museum ,Vienna Forest...),I love restaurants in Vienna (apple strudel,Hungarian goulash...:)

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