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  1. What about Anacs??? I understand your still buying the coin. But I have seen some coins get a premium because they were PCGS.
  2. I hope this is not all. I would love to add some off my coins. I know we can go back farther than this.
  3. Thanks for the website. The picture on the left is normal and the right has the line going trough it.
  4. Die gouge??? The one on the left is what I would think it should look like. The one on the right the step keeps going then stops and skips a little and then acrross the pillar. Any opinions would be great.
  5. That sound cool!!! I would like to see that one
  6. What about a filled S in states on the reverse. The first S. Obverse has a die Crack at the tip of N in President. Any word on this??????
  7. I have one. This one does look wizzed, but better detail than mine.
  8. I have two. One dosent have the dent.
  9. It also has a dent above the 6 under the grass. THe rest I looked at are flat. No scratch or scuff just a dent were it should be flat. Any guess on what that might be?????
  10. I have 2. The pics are of one that came out of a roll. THe other was circulated just a little. Its a cool coin though. Thanks for the reply.
  11. By the IN??? Looks like a bag mark. Contact with another coin.
  12. What do you think its worth with the die crack on the front and cud on the back???
  13. Thanks for getting the pics up. I agree this is a great design.
  14. Thank for the info. I put the pics on omni coin...
  15. I do but they are to big. The coin is at home. I can try to shrink them. This coin looks almost new. I got it when they first came out with it.
  16. Its slanted to the right. I will try to get a better picture.
  17. Has anyone seen a North Dakota Quarter with a Cud on the rim of the reverse and a Die Crack on the front? I was just curious as to how many may be out there. The Die Crack starts at the U in quarter and goes across the shoulder base and stops at the designers initials.
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