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  1. The pics are in my OMNI coin collection if you want to go look. If someone could help me get them up that would be great.
  2. Why has the global limit changed to 1.84k??? Thats how I put my pics up. How do I post pics now?
  3. I cant add them because the global limit seems smaller.
  4. I think this toned morgan is Beautiful. The toning starts at the edge an goes threw the crown were liberty is written and ends at the cotton balls in her hair. I wonder If it will keep going in time? I think its cool that it stops there without going into the hair. Someone may pay more for this piece because of this. I would pay a little more for a coin that has Beautiful toning. Only if its natural toning. Here are the pics.
  5. I like natrually toned coins. I have some Morgans in My collection that have Rainbow tone. Its not the whole coin just around the edge. I wonder in time will the whole coin tone? It probally depend on my storage. I have on Morgan that the tone starts at the edge and goes across the hair and Head Band were liberty is. I think Its cool.
  6. If the otherside is the same it should grade EF40
  7. I would like to see the otherside. To be sure.
  8. I dont think thats common. I will check my book when I get home. Someone may have the answer. If not I will post Monday.
  9. Im going to order the set of 4 Presidential dollars. The one I have seen in rolls just dont look good. They are all banged up and scratched. The quarters seem to come in alot better shape. It must be the edge lettering.
  10. I might be interested in the ASE's and some silver dimes 1or two rolls
  11. I have found some filled S's and a couple of die cracks. I found one that has a Zero in front of the 2 in 2007 on the edge. I have only went through $300 so far.
  12. dprice

    2007 Sac's

    That should make the worth keeping. I really didnt collect the Sacs. but I think I'm going to save some of the2007's. I have maybe 10 Sac's right now. 2000,2001,2002,2003. Just those dates.
  13. I have a 16x Harris & Co loupe. Its the size of a Quarter. This is perfect for me. I also have a dime sized 17x which is great for double die and other errors. I think it is best to have 15x - 20x magnifier. When looking for errors. I take good pics with both. The 16x was $16 and the 17x was $11. I got both at Books-a-million. You should be able to buy online.
  14. Nice Die crack. You seem to find alot of them.
  15. Your collection being stolen is almost the worst thing I think that could happen to someone. All the time and money you put into it. No matter how big, small, worth $1000 or priceless. My coins mean alot to me. I cherish every coin that I have. I hate a thief. I hope he gets his collection back. I dont think he will. He may get some pieces back. Its sad that they steal something they cant really sell. They should have stopped at the jewelry. The coins must have not been in a Safe. I wounder if the collection was insured????
  16. Thats a Kool coin. Alot of history with that coin. How much would one of those cost?
  17. Those look like some coins I found metal detecting. But the were us copper.
  18. Thats kool. I have a penny out of a box of Cheerios 2000p. I got a mint set back in 1977 out of a box of cerial. I dont remember what brand of cerial it was? All I have left is a shinny penny left in the sealed plastic. My older brother cut the dime, nickel, Quarter, and the Half dollar out. I wish I had the whole set in the plastic. I thought it was a cool way to get children to start collecting coins. They should keep doinf that. When I found the money sealed up in plastic I didnt know what it was(I thought it was cash back). My mom told me It was a mint set.
  19. They just dont need to touch. You will know it when you find one.
  20. I think thats all I want. Did you sell the Indian head that was graded by ANACS???
  21. I think you will have it Saturday. I hope the last one is a 1916-D Mercury dime. Good Luck
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