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  1. Hi Everyone I have just started writing an article on sample slabs. My second article has just been published. The purpose of the article, is to help educate people when it comes to sample slabs. I hope it will answer your questions,and we can have some fun at the same time Just click the link below All the Very Best Alan
  2. Hi I bought them on ebay Alan
  3. Some more new Kennedy's for my album
  4. Some new sets I picked up over the weekend Alan Some new sets I picked up over the weekend Alan
  5. Some new sets I picked up over the weekend Alan
  6. Some more samples for my collection Alan
  7. Another Kennedy for my album I love the toning on this coin Alan
  8. Thanks for the help. Alan
  9. Another Morgan I came across this week Yes of course I remember buying it! "I think" LOL Alan
  10. Hi Everyone I would like to hear your comments on this set I just bough I no very little about , mint or proof sets. Thanks Alan
  11. Some more Kennedy's for my collections Alan
  12. Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it. I will have a new article coming out this week Alan
  13. Yes I am trying LOl They can be an expensive collection Alan
  14. Sorry posted this twice. just getting old I guess LOL Alan
  15. Some new pickups from this week Alan
  16. Hello and welcome I live in Canada and collect U.S. coins. I also collect sample slabs Nice to meet you Alan
  17. Hi everyone I have just started writing an article on sample slabs They are becoming a very popular collectible I hope you enjoy it. Please and let me know what you think. A new article will be out next week. Just press the link on the bottom of the page. All the Best Alan
  18. Hello Very nice set of world coins. I to am new to this form and the world of coin collecting. I collect mostly US coins, as I enjoy the history and the design. All the best New guy from Canada Alan
  19. Hello I am not familiar with this part of numismatists. what is the newsletter about, it sounds interesting Cheers Alan
  20. Hello My name is Alan. I am very happy to be a new member, I hope I can contribute to this form. But most of all I love talking and sharing my coins. Looking forward to talking soon Alan
  21. Greetings All from a new member I just bought this sample coin and though you might enjoy seeing it. From what I have read, it was the first world sample coin PCGS put out. Any info you have on this coin would be great as I know little about sample coins. You can actually see the same coin at http:// www.sampleslabs.com/pcgs.html What I find interesting is the number on the left side of my coin is the same as the one on the PCGS section of the website. As fare as I know these numbers are individual to each coin. Thanks Alan
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