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  1. Hi Everyone I have just posted a new sample slab article on my website. I have been putting a lot of work into a new project I started called, "Sample Value Charts". My hope is this will be of help to the sample collector All the best Alan
  2. Thanks Guys UncleBobo That is one beautiful coin, I have never seen one before Alan
  3. Hi Everyone Here is my speared buffalo, the only one I have seen is through the back. For some reason mine is through the rump. Enjoy Alan
  4. Thanks Art, I really like the coin and the label. Alan
  5. Just picked this up today, I reall like this coin and slab with some history attched to it. The PCGS population is only 8,736 I hope you enjoy seeing it. All the best Alan
  6. Hi everyone Just posted my latest sample slab article, I hope you enjoy reading it. All the best Alan http://samplecoinsla...harder-to-find/
  7. The coin arrived today and I was surprised at the size and an all around great looking coin Alan
  8. These are two different Dwight David Eisenhower Commemorative $5 Uncirculated coins, I won them from two different sellers, and I won them both for 99 cents each LOL Looked around and only found a few ranging, from $10.00 to around $20.00 The history of these two coins is really something and I still can not believe how I lucked out on them both. All the best Alan
  9. From the Canadian Mint website. The last Canadian penny to be produced. May 04, 2012 A very interesting video and read for penny collectors every wear. Enjoy All the best Alan http://www.mint.ca/store/template/home.jsp?lang=en_CA&rcmeid=BWS-SEM-Search_CAN-RCM-BRANDED-EN_Google-Canada_T_SEM|K_canadian%20coins|A_3002683908&pdl=1
  10. Hi everyone, I have just posted a new sample slab article on my new website. Hope you find the time to read it, and you find the article interesting. All the Best Alan http://samplecoinsla...sample-slabs-2/
  11. I posted one of these amazing whatever they are called last week, and today I was lucky enough to win another. My plan is to get a different one for all my five kids as a sort of good luck piece. Hope you enjoy them. 1 TROY OZ 1899 SERIES $1 BLACK EAGLE SILVER CERTIFICATE .999 SILVERCOPPER BAR Alan
  12. Thank you thedeadpoint I have put so much work into this project. All the best Alan
  13. Thanks Art I did put a lot of work into it, but there is still so much more to learn about running a website I am giving it my best though. All the best Alan
  14. Hi everyone I am very excited to tell you all that I have just opened my first website, With the sole purpoes of learning and sharing information about sample slabs. This is NOT a coin form, just a place for sample slab collectors to learn and soon even be able to help each other. The website will be a place that I will now be posting all my sample slab articles. I have been working very hard to build enough information in my sample slab articles, to create an archive, a place to read older articles you may need for information that may be of help to you with your sample slabs. The hobby has been growing so fast I can hardly keep up with it. As I have been saying for a wile now,samples are selling for fare more than ever before. I have just seen some sell for $200.00 to over $300.00 and the rest are not only selling for higher prices, but selling at a very fast rate. I hope this website will be of help to you, also help with answers you may have. It has just opened and I will admit it is still in the beginnings stages, I am learning just how much work there is to running a website, as well as writing articles. So as I learn more the website will grow, with information for the sample slab collector. Please let me know what you think, and remember, I am very new at this website stuff, so please be kind LOL. Here is a link to my new website All the very best Alan http://samplecoinslabs.com/index.html/2012/03/05/sample-slab-values-what-you-can-expect/
  15. <p>Hey Everyone I have been saying that samples are becoming very expensive and they are. But I also have been saying there are bargains out there if you take the time and look. Well I just won this sample for under $4.00 and the funny thing is I had forgot I even bid on it. Like I have been saying they are selling so fast that they do get missed. I have been seeing these same type of samples selling for around $30.00 . So keep looking they are out there. Sorry for the bad picture it is not mine All the best Alan
  16. Hi Everyone I know these are not U.S. coins, but i just wanted to share them with all of you (My Friends) I won them yesterday for just under $10.00, they are Canadian and were made for The Canadian 1999 MILLENNIUM. A 12 Coin Pack of 25 Cent coins, one for each month. I hope you all enjoy them, I will take a better picture when they arrive in the mail. All the best Alan
  17. I do like the Presidential dollars. Even though I don't collect them,I find them a very nice coin and a great set. I only have one, given to me by the owner of http://www.smalldollars.com/ If you collect them or are interested in them this is a very good site. As usual mine is a sample slab. LOL Alan
  18. Hi I am selling these State Quarters A great starter set some coins are silver I will also trade for silver rounds Sorry can not break up set PM me with an offer Alan Unless otherwise stated All are Pf 69 Ultra CAMEO 2000-S-Maryland-1217854-286 2000-S-South Carolina-1217854-109 2000-S-New Hampshire-1217854-168 2000-S-Virginia-1217854-186 2008-S-Oklahoma-1217720-035 2008-S-Alaska-1217720-145 2008-S-New Mexico-Silver-1218653-020 2008-S-New Mexico-1217720-062 2008-S-New Mexico-PF70-3251289-096 District of Columbia & U.S. Territories 2009-S-District of Columbia-PF70-Silver-3293161-082 2009-S-AMERICAN Samoa-PF70-Silver-3322529-036 2009-S-Puerto Rico-PF70-Silver-3293196-231 PCGS U.S. PR69 DE CAM State Quarters 2007S-S-Washington-Silver-03895293
  19. Hello everyone My new sample slab article has just been published I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. All he Best Alan http://samplecoinsla...you-can-expect/
  20. Hi Everyone I just bought this large cent and after looking at the picture I saw two errors on the coin. The letter A in GRATIA, and the C in CANADA I made the one picture large so the errors are easy to see. I could use some help identifying these errors, as I know nothing about error coins Thanks Alan
  21. Thanks Guys Te great part of collecting these coins, is the prices are very reasonable. I paid less ten dollars for these coins. The really great part is the Victoria is an error coin. Alan
  22. Hello Here are a few new Canadian coins I just picked up I hope you enjoy them Alan
  23. Thanks everyone for the kind comments All the best Alan
  24. Greetings everyone Just bought this unusual Die Crack Bison Thought you would enjoy seeing it. I am very new with type of error and any feedback will help Not my pictures Thanks Alan This is what the seller had to say about this coin A long Die Crack can be seen below the D of the United entering the back end of the Bison's Rump. The marker for this Error is the Cud in the lower portion of the E of the States
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