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  1. Thanks everyone I know it is not an expensive but for me it is in my budget. I was also able to get the coin in the photo as it was a stock photo. It took a few days but the seller was able to find this exact coin in his stock. I told him I wanted this coin an no other so I was lucky he still had had this one in stock. Plus he went the extra step to look through his stock to find it for me. Alan
  2. Hi everyone I just bought this coin from a new store not ebay his prices are very good and I bough this killer Franklin for only $16.00. from this store, it is worth a look at least I think so. http://www.bullseyebullion.net/servlet/the-409/1961-Proof-Franklin-90-pct-/Detail#itemadded This is the first Franklin I have ever bought and in this shape widegrin I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. All the Best Alan
  3. Hi Art That is a beautiful sample, I don't have one yet, and have not seen one that looks that good. This is on my wish list and one day I will have one. Thanks for posting this sample it is a pleasure to look at All the best Alan.
  4. I just received this 1920 from another form member. He saw my last post and just happened to have this 1920, and I got it for a great price. Sorry for the bad picture, been under the weather for the last few days (Caught the Flue) and my wife won't let me out of bed. I said OK so I took the picture in bed LOL I am almost there!!! Hope you all enjoy it. Alan
  5. Hi Art.2 The $1 and $2 are not in use anymore, the $5 however is still in use. As far as I know the $1 and $ 2 dollar notes are still legal tender, So maybe try converting them it at your bank. Alan
  6. Welcome Malcolm From Ontario Canada My name is Alan and it is nice to meet you. This is a great form to learn about coin collecting, with wonderful people who are always willing to help. All the Best Alan
  7. Thanks Art.2 I have just started writing for PCGS, this is my second article. I was very surprised and happy when they asked me to write for them Alan
  8. Hi thedeadpoint I have done as much research as possible on this particular PCGS sample. These are the only dates I know of. In fact up until a month or so ago I had no idea the 1917 existed. I decided last year to go after the whole set, and I still don't have them all yet. I do have a lead on the 1920, and if the price is fair I will then own it very soon. I have to say it has been a lot of fun trying to build a complete set. Alan ,
  9. I just received this 1923 Lincoln, it has not been easy to find all 12 samples. Just three more to track down and I will have a very cool short set.1917 to 1929 Alan
  10. Here is a favorite of mine. They just don't get any better than this Sorry I just relized I have already posted this one. Alan
  11. The 2005 Master's set. I was able to get these a few months ago, just got around to posting them now. You will notice they are 170 of 1000, not sure how or if this changes the value. I was hoping someone could help me with that. All comments welcome Thanks Alan
  12. Hi Art A 62-D very nice. I see a lot of the 64 and 64-D The 62 and 62-D I do not see as often Great find Alan
  13. I just want to say Happy New Year to all my good friends here on the form. May it bring you all happiness, peace and much joy. All the Best Alan
  14. Hi I am thinking about buying this coin. I would really like to know your opinions on what a fair price would be for this coin. Thanks Alan
  15. LOL Just imagian how I felt when I opened it. Alan
  16. Hi Art I can't remember if I posted this coin or not so her goes. Colour of background changed to show a better photo. I hope you all enjoy this coin Alan
  17. Thank you constanius Very kind of you to say Alan
  18. Hi Art2 That was very kind comment on my article. You are correct luncheon slabs or any type of special event sample are going for more and more each month. I do think the hobby has really taken off and the fun is just starting. All the Best Alan
  19. This is a great thread Art Alan
  20. Greetings everyone This is my new installment in my sample slabs articles. I truly hope you enjoy it, and it will be of some help to you. All the Best Alan http://samplecoinslabs.com/index.html/
  21. Hi Art Well that is still a mystery I know of two 1898 and my 1911. Now the hunt is on to find others.LOL PCGS has produced several samples with circulated coins in them some, the dates are known, but for this one I am going have to do some research. This particular sample I bought from a member of another form. All the best Alan
  22. Just received this sample yesterday, and they can be very hard to find. I will now try to get the rest of the dates this sample came in. I just love it when a circulated coin is used in a sample. I hope you enjoy. Alan
  23. To all the members of the form, that I enjoy being member of so very much From my family to yours, Hellen and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving May your day be blessed with family friends and football. All our Best From your friends from Canada Alan
  24. Hi I am thinking of buying yhis coin, could someone let me know what a fair price would be Thank you very much Alan
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