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  1. Can anyone tell me if they have tried weighing Canadian 1967 quarte's. As the mint changed from 80% to 50% silver midway through the year of 1967. I am having a hard time figuring this out I have read many times that there is no way to tell the 80% from the 50%, but the Canadian mist says there is a weight difference. Now I have heard of the water test but that is just not practical, plus I am just not that good at math LOL Any help would be very much appreciated Best Alan Technical specifications 1953 - 1967 Composition: 80%silver, 20% copper Weight (g): 5.83 Diameter (mm): 23.88 Thickness (mm): n/a 1967 - 1968 Composition: 50% silver, 50% copper Weight (g): 5.05 Diameter (mm): 23.88 Thickness (mm): n/a
  2. It is a rare sample, and I think still undervalued. Hang onto it as I think it will go up in value in the future Alan
  3. Art1.2 Hello Art1.2 it has been a long time nice too hear from you. Maybe you can post some pics of you ample slabs Alan
  4. Here is a very desirable sample slab, it is very hard too find and can command a high premium at auction.This is a PCGS 005-3-1 the sample slab that came with dates 1898,1899,1907,1903,1906,1907.1910,1911. It is a very hard too find. I have however seen a 1904 for sale recently so this is an unknown date for this sample as far as I know.
  5. Hi There It is a hard to find sample and from what I have read they don't com up very often. Congrats on a great sample slab
  6. Sample Slab Collector

  7. In short, a sample slab is what a grading company's us too show the public their newest holder. When PCGS first started grading world coins, this was their first sample of a world coin they produced. It showed collectors what the coin and holder would look like together. So every time a new type of holder comes out so does the sample slab. There are hundreds of sample slabs from every grader with some command a high premium too collectors. Collecting sample slabs is becoming very popular now with many new collectors coming on board. Hope this helps Alan
  8. Show your sample slabs There are some great samples out there so let's see yours. They is getting to be a popular collectable now. This is the first world sample slab from PCGS, it is getting hard too find now and it has sold for some premium prices All the best Alan
  9. Very nice sample slabs' really like the British half penny.
  10. I have just published my newest article on samples slabs from China. Hope you enjoy the article Alan http://samplecoinslabs.com/index.html/2012/11/01/sample-slabs-from-china/
  11. Hi Dave I am so sorry it has taken me so long to read this post. Been under the weather and so on. Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to to answer my post Alan
  12. Thank you Hispania I am very happy with them, I have been collecting U,S, proof sets for a long time now, and I won a G,G, proof set. in an auction with some U,S, proof sets. That is how I started collecting them .LOL Alan
  13. Greetings all I have just started collecting proof sets from Great Britain, I was very lucky and was able to pick the sets up for some very good prices. The one thing I find though is the shipping can be very expensive. But there are bargains out there if you look around I hope you enjoy my new collection (so fare) Alan
  14. Hi gpimienta First of all I must apologies for being so late with this replay, I have been really under the weather for a wile and am now playing catch up. Thank you for the kind comment on my website, now I don't own all those samples, I have built a network of collectors and get a lot of help with pictures. You are signed up to make comments and that will also let you know when a new article comes out. I will have one published this week, and you will be informed when it is out through email. Thanks again Alan
  15. My latest article on sample slabs. I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment. All the best Alan http://samplecoinsla...-a-sample-slab/
  16. Hope you all enjoy this new article on World samples All the best Alan http://samplecoinslabs.com/index.html/2012/08/11/icg-samples-coins-of-the-world/
  17. Thank you Nice of you to comment. I do see these coins graded and they seem to sell for a considerable price. I am thinking of have them slabbed All the Best Alan
  18. Hi I just picked these coins up on the weekend from a good friend, they are a beautiful coin with very good detail. Slabbed they can fetch quite a bit of money from what I have been able to learn. Even just Authentic graded pieces are going for around $200.00 so I hope these are real. I have never bought Chinese coins before and I got them for an amazing price, now with PCGS having an office in China I thought they would be the best place to have them graded. I hope you enjoy my new coins All the best Alan
  19. Tanks everyone for all the kind comments All the best Alan
  20. Tanks everyone for all the kind comments All the best Alan
  21. Bob It is my pleasure to host such an important article on my website. I encourage everyone to read this well written and very interesting piece. All the best Alan
  22. <p><p>Hi Everyone Here this week on samplecoinslabs we have a guest writer from this coin form rjp He has written a very important article and I just know you will enjoy it. All the best Alan
  23. Hi Folks I have seen this mans work before, and I must say it is OUTSTANDING!!! He puts so much time and researches into what he writes, and his knowledge on this subject is amazing. I would recommend you take him up on his offer if this is something that interests you, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Bob very few people would put this much work into something and just give it away. All the Best Alan
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