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  1. 1964 Roosevelt dime. I love the ping 90% silver makes.
  2. Yeah, I was hoping to do a UCI this year. I went back over the previous one and spent most of my time giggling over the comments.
  3. I don't detect a whole lot of interest except from myself and Art... oh well.
  4. We haven't held a Popular Coin Idol/Ugly Coin Competition in ages. As long as we're all puttering around our respective domiciles, why the heck not? Thoughts? I'm willing to run the UCC again, but I would really love to see a PCI happen first. I mean, I'm sure some of us have gotten some fantastic shinies (and poor, poor victims) since the last go-around...
  5. Hi there! Any particular specialties or interests, or is it agglomeration mode right now?
  6. Yikes, that's about as tasteless as a coin can get. I looked at that website -- there are very few things there I would call a 'coin'... and what few there are have been marked up obscenely. Avoid.
  7. Absolutely. Although cows might have had a part in the production of what I might have thought.
  8. I have, actually -- I had a co-worker gift me with her grandfather's fountain pen because it was known that I used them at work. I looked it up while she was at my desk and the first page that came up indicated it had a value in the $200-$300 range. I made sure she saw that and asked, "Are you sure you want to just give this away?" She said yes, because she knew that I would appreciate it, restore it, and take care of it. Wow.
  9. I'm afraid that's not where my mind went first... although now you mention cows, I'm hungry. Time for a burger!
  10. Holy ... and the next word is inappropriate for a family forum.
  11. Belgian 2001 10 euro cent piece yesterday.
  12. Re-sort everything into their proper places. Take some better photos of the more interesting coins. Drool over eBay.
  13. Nice finds! I haven't had any CoinStar hits in a while m'self...
  14. I like to get $2 bills and half dollar coins to make my purchase interesting for the cashier.
  15. Likewise; I even use plastic for smaller purchases anymore, and even the vending machines have card readers now. It's reached the point where it feels a little weird to hand over actual legal tender.
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