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  1. Is it just me, or does it look like the foregroundmost cactus is giving us the finger? XD
  2. I've not seen a hexagonal one before. I've picked up a couple Mardi Gras tokens, as the mood strikes rather than out of any particular collecting interest.
  3. ikaros' Jefferson Project

    And I didn't really photograph it all that well -- have I said recently that coin photography is hard? I'll try again some time.
  4. ikaros' Jefferson Project

    My first slabbed Jeff! This is a PCGS PR65 1938 Jefferson nickel.
  5. I think it probably says something about my age and mindset when I can't look at Devil's Tower without expecting to see the Close Encounters mothership coming up over it...
  6. Whups! Well, what I said was )_@&^_%(#HF [9uhp[9G_8f7g#9ub(_&@T_(!BVPbvc [DISCONNECTED]
  7. I've bought coins from eBay, mostly foreigns for my birth year set where circulated condition is just fine, or mid-range slabbed Ikes. I don't think I would buy a really high-value coin over eBay, I'd want to see it in hand before pulling out my wallet — and I have trouble believing wheat rolls are really 'unsearched'.
  8. Silver dime find

    Heh. Me and that coin were made the same year, and I think it's in better condition than I am. Nice find!
  9. Considering what happened to us in Nashville with that &*)#^%*)&#$% _(#$^*()%#*(& @&*(%^*)#&ing #$(&*) of a #)&%^#$*) *@*%^% cloud, I take great comfort in eclipses and comets not actually being once-in-a-lifetime events!
  10. Interesting Halley's Comet token - I am always terrifically amused by 'once in a lifetime' events that come back on a regular and incredibly predictable schedule. Okay, 76 years is a bit of a wait, but I've seen three much better comets than the disappointing view of Halley we got in '86. And the "once in a lifetime" total solar eclipse that just occurred? The next one is in less than two years (there's an eclipse every year and a half, two years or thereabouts), so I want to see their actuarial charts—heck, the next one in the US is only six and a half years away, and I definitely plan to live to be older than (current age + 7).
  11. I couldn't resist having some fun when I saw this bridge...
  12. Another new coin for collection

    Ikes are the only coins that I'm collecting slabbed (so far). That's a beauty.
  13. ikaros' goodies

    We shall honorably agree to disagree, then.
  14. ikaros' goodies

    That clip is actually the very end of about five to ten minutes of that guy incessantly harassing Dr Aldrin after having lured him to the hotel under false pretenses -- Aldrin thought he was there to be interviewed about space travel for a Japanese childrens' program. Buzz held it together until the words 'liar' and 'coward' came out, and then -- very rightly, in my opinion -- brought the incident to a close. The local authorities declined to prosecute after watching the tape and agreeing that the moon landing denier was clearly being aggressive and a threat. Ironically, the tape was provided to the police by the guy who got punched, as he later admitted he had been trying to provoke Aldrin. And I'm deliberately not using his name because people like that don't deserve even the limited exposure of a friendly forum. I'm not going to provide him the oxygen of publicity when I'm not especially pleased that he's got the oxygen of oxygen. I can think of a couple places to go in the Short North, too! Alas... better luck next time. Have a Coccia House pizza while you're there, at least!