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  1. Oh, I have the common one. I was only dimly aware of the trial strikes; I generally don't collect non-circulating commemoratives.
  2. Ah, thank you for this background information! I have one of the Polish FAO issues (1971 10 złotych), and have seen a few from other countries, but never collected them specifically. What a great idea for a collection!
  3. Is it just me, or does it look like the foregroundmost cactus is giving us the finger? XD
  4. I've not seen a hexagonal one before. I've picked up a couple Mardi Gras tokens, as the mood strikes rather than out of any particular collecting interest.
  5. ikaros' Jefferson Project

    And I didn't really photograph it all that well -- have I said recently that coin photography is hard? I'll try again some time.
  6. ikaros' Jefferson Project

    My first slabbed Jeff! This is a PCGS PR65 1938 Jefferson nickel.
  7. I think it probably says something about my age and mindset when I can't look at Devil's Tower without expecting to see the Close Encounters mothership coming up over it...
  8. Whups! Well, what I said was )_@&^_%(#HF [9uhp[9G_8f7g#9ub(_&@T_(!BVPbvc [DISCONNECTED]
  9. I've bought coins from eBay, mostly foreigns for my birth year set where circulated condition is just fine, or mid-range slabbed Ikes. I don't think I would buy a really high-value coin over eBay, I'd want to see it in hand before pulling out my wallet — and I have trouble believing wheat rolls are really 'unsearched'.
  10. Silver dime find

    Heh. Me and that coin were made the same year, and I think it's in better condition than I am. Nice find!
  11. Considering what happened to us in Nashville with that &*)#^%*)&#$% _(#$^*()%#*(& @&*(%^*)#&ing #$(&*) of a #)&%^#$*) *@*%^% cloud, I take great comfort in eclipses and comets not actually being once-in-a-lifetime events!
  12. Interesting Halley's Comet token - I am always terrifically amused by 'once in a lifetime' events that come back on a regular and incredibly predictable schedule. Okay, 76 years is a bit of a wait, but I've seen three much better comets than the disappointing view of Halley we got in '86. And the "once in a lifetime" total solar eclipse that just occurred? The next one is in less than two years (there's an eclipse every year and a half, two years or thereabouts), so I want to see their actuarial charts—heck, the next one in the US is only six and a half years away, and I definitely plan to live to be older than (current age + 7).
  13. I couldn't resist having some fun when I saw this bridge...
  14. Another new coin for collection

    Ikes are the only coins that I'm collecting slabbed (so far). That's a beauty.