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  1. ikaros

    ikaros' goodies

    The best I've got so far is an MS67 silver 1973-S and yeah, it's got detail and lustre all day long. PR69DCAMs are pretty easy to find, but some of the business strikes get crazy real fast if you stray north of the MS65 line -- my silvers are 66 and 67, but my business strikes are all 65s.
  2. ikaros

    ikaros' goodies

    Yeah, last year was really good for pawing through boxes -- mostly for medals. I'm hoping for more of the same this year; I still haven't set myself any priorities. If I come away with a new slabbed Ike, it'll be a good show.
  3. ikaros

    ikaros' goodies

    It's probably going to be a low-key event for me anyway as I don't have a lot of new money set aside to spend on old money, but I'm sure I can stumble across something interesting.
  4. Cedar Point! I haven't been there in 35 years... I'm WAY overdue.
  5. ikaros

    Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

    Wow, no finds lately? Well, I got a 1964 Roosie with that I'd call a strong VF/weak XF with tons of lustre on the reverse. And a rather more pedestrian 1980 dime.
  6. Oh, I have a tripod -- I have three, actually -- but none of them have the extender bit that will let me get the camera out a little ways so I can photograph straight down without having to deal with tripod legs.
  7. As I mentioned last year, I picked up a Nikon D40 DSLR for what turned out to be a disappointing eclipse. Even so, it's a great camera, and I have plenty of old Nikon glass I can still use with it, even if I have to focus manually. And long time readers will have read my despairing comments over the quality of my coin photography. What I have is the D40 with the stock 18-55 auto lens and remote IR trigger, plus manual 50mm f2 and 85-205mm f3.5 lenses, and a bellows attachment. And I think I'm forgetting another lens or two. Also a 1.25" T-mount, but I don't think my telescope is going to be relevant here. Also, pretty much any relevant filter (various NDs, circular polarizing, that sort of thing). What I don't have is a tripod that will let me easily get directly over a platform, so I'm thinking I can set up something at an angle and aim at that, as long as I match the angle of the camera to the angle of the platform. I do have an enlarger, but no copier stand, and I don't know that I can mount the camera to it. I'm confident that I can cobble together something to hold a pane of glass at a 45° angle with equal amounts of trial-and-error and hot glue. So I come now to the collective wisdom of CoinPeople. I know I must be forgetting something, because there's always something I forget, so what am I forgetting?
  8. ikaros

    ikaros' goodies

    Welp, the Ohio State Coin Show is coming up again, Labor Day Weekend as always. I have no real priorities this year -- probably going to look for more slabbed Ikes, and I'm toying with jumping on slabbed shield cents, since that's still a new series and can be caught up with in fairly short order. And of course birth year thingies. Anyone going to be in town for the show?
  9. ikaros

    ikaros' goodies

    The local annual coin show is always a lot of fun and well attended; I haven't been the local club meetings because they're really awkwardly situated for me to get to, though.
  10. ikaros

    Latest Circulation Find

    I thought they stopped releasing Presidential dollars into circulation after Hayes and reserved them for the collectors market. I could be wrong...
  11. ikaros

    Latest Circulation Find

    I get a roll of dollars every other week for the bus, so I'm always getting a few to paw through. I think the one I'd like to see turn up the most right now is the second Cleveland dollar. I have the P&D of the first. I've had unspeakable luck with the allegedly unreleased Prexies: Cleveland I P&D, Teddy Roosevelt D, Taft D, Wilson P, Hoover P, FDR P, Truman P and Ike P. I'll be insanely lucky to get one of each from change, but that would be exceedingly cool.
  12. ikaros

    ikaros' goodies

    I might be willing to do another Ugly Coin Competition -- that was a lot of fun, really -- or take on a part of a PCI (not the whole thing). That might be the way to do a PCI, get a committee to handle it so it's not one person getting clobbered with the whole thing. Curating the entire history of world coinage is not something one person can do... at least not if that person is me.
  13. ikaros

    Latest Circulation Find

    2018 dime, but I think I've had it a while. The neat find today was an Ike dollar -- the small Presidential Series Ike from 2015, not one of the serious dollars from the 70s. I've been having weird luck with the recent Presidentials; I really thought those weren't being released except on the collectors market. Also, I've started saving the ugliest (but still identifiable) coins I find in change. I guess I need to get some more Whitman folders...
  14. ikaros

    ikaros' goodies

    Those really need to happen again.