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  1. ikaros

    Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

    A Netherlands 1990 5c piece, and a Monroe County NY sesquicentennial adult fare token for the local bus service. Has no one checked a Coinstar since August?
  2. ikaros

    Latest Circulation Find

    Gold-plated 2005P West Virginia SHQ... in a roll of dollar coins. Has no one else found anything since September 2018?
  3. ikaros

    MS70 silver eagles toning and spots

    I'm not familiar with 'Midwest Financial' as a grader -- do you have pictures of the slabs?
  4. Oooo, lovin' that Apollo token!
  5. ikaros

    Coin Roll Hunters Post Your Finds...

    I regularly get rolls of dollars and/or quarters for the bus; haven't had a good hit in a quarter roll for a *long* time, excepting one or two bicentennial quarters in AU to AU+ condition. And of course I go through them before putting any in my pocket! I mean, it's just possible to hit something interesting. And if they've got rolls of halves, I'll always snatch up a few. Just 'cause. But nickels, dimes and/or pennies? No, haven't done those in ages.
  6. ikaros

    Circulating Kennedy Half dollars

    This was about fifteen years ago, actually, at a Tim Hortons.
  7. ikaros

    Latest Circulation Find

    (dons his best perfectly innocent look) 😈 (rats, didn't work again) 'Lucky Pierre', for the record, is the perfectly innocent nickname I gave the vending machine in the break room that has so far delivered two impaired proof SHQs and two 90% silver quarters. Because it has been lucky. For me. I can't help what other people think about... 🙄
  8. ikaros

    Circulating Kennedy Half dollars

    And I have had clerks here in America think that a Kennedy half was a two-dollar coin just because they never see them. Man, do I miss circulating halves... and Ikes.
  9. ikaros

    Latest Circulation Find

    Lucky Pierre strikes again! 1962D quarter in quite lovely condition!
  10. Ooo, but I do like that space shuttle one.
  11. ikaros

    Latest Circulation Find

    Sweet! Nice find!
  12. ikaros

    ikaros' goodies

    All right! Aside from flash flooding and way too much time spent on buses, I had a great time at the coin show today. More pictures to come, but first up is a proof-of-concept shot of the 1972S silver PR69DCAM I got for the Ike collection. I jury-rigged a glass holder with LEGO and boy am I glad I have a remote for my camera. Getting the light lined up correct was not easy, nor was getting the focus just right. But judging by at least some of the results, I think I'm on the right track: Of course, I'd like to get those black proof fields, but in the absence of those, this will do nicely.
  13. ikaros

    Monumental Money

    Yeah, I found a couple of the original images and started a new album for them on my Flickr. A fortunate thing, because one of them doesn't exist anymore; the building has been torn down.
  14. ikaros

    Monumental Money

    Realizing that this topic has lain fallow for a VERY long time... is there the remotest chance anyone saved the images from this? Imageshack went evil a few years ago and cut off all free users, so I no longer have access to my own pictures, and I find myself a) in need of them and b) disinterested in re-taking the pictures any time soon.
  15. Well, for the bells and whistles tickets. $40 for the museum and village isn't grotesquely out of line, at least IMO. You'll pay at least $45 to get into Cedar Point or King's Island, and that's before the $20 for parking.