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    AT OR NT

    Hmm, tht makes some sense so the closer your toned beauty is to violet the sooner it will turn black. Although I suppose slabs are pretty good at keeping the Hydrogen sulfide away from the surface.
  2. jlueke

    AT OR NT

    One general thing I wonder about with toning as well is what makes the colors? The silver can really only turn to an oxide (black) a sulfide (most common and black) and a chloride (white). There's a way to get purple with iodine but that's rather fake. So it must be the copper in the alloy that gives it the color right? Oxides of copper are red, sulfides still dark, but with some carbon you can get greens and blues too.
  3. jlueke

    Places on Coins

    Ahh yes, I've been to Lincoln's memorial Not to Monticello, there might be another one I've seen. I suppose if one counts Earth on the Ike's that would qualify
  4. Yes, the Brittania series is nice. I think that is my favorite so far. The marine one bugs me for being a 230 year anniversary (small quibble) and the eagle on top of the globe looks a little odd to me. This kangaroo might look decent in person too
  5. Anyone have any coins featuring castles, buildings, bridges, or other landmarks that they have actually visited? I'm not sure if I do but I will find out
  6. http://www.muenzehamburg.de/de/medaillen/seite_3_3_1.htm http://www.vcoins.com/world/parscoins/stor...uct=228&large=0
  7. It probably helps to have a link http://www.vcoins.com/ancient/charlesdavis...?idProduct=1021
  8. Anyone know why this one costs so much. It's older, and some pretty old plates nut is there a big demand? Would this be cool to have digitized?
  9. A link for the Numismatic Periodicals Index. The Index is online but alas, the titles tend not to be. http://harrybassfoundation.org/search_numlit.asp Still a good way to find articles that may interest you in the future.
  10. The American Numismatic and Archaeological Society is now known as just the American Numismatic Society (ANS http://www.amnumsoc.org/) A slightly older and different organization than the ANA which was always more clubby and less scientific though less so when fouded than now. Vol.1-6 are from 1888-1893 so perhaps he did write something in 1899. I believe he died that year as well, so perhaps it was the last thing he wrote!
  11. Hmm, of those I think I like the third one the best. What is it? Snowflakes are symetrical and fractal and that appeals to me as does the simplicity. I really like the obverse on the 2nd one as well but I'm not sure if the color on that reverse works.
  12. As I continue to flesh out my collecting goals (It's now a century set by region - Far East , Middle East, Africa, Europe through 1600 and then ading the New World and maybe more frequent towards the 20th century) I thought it might be a good idea to get some beautiful coins as they come out. Modern mints put out lots of commemoratives and I'm cool with allowing those along with circulating coins. I'm a classical art kind of a guy. I like the Texas commem, ancients, and good abstract art, even art deco. I don't like clip art nor much of the US State Quarter Series. COTY coins are usually nice but why let someone else decide? What are your favorite coin(s) from the past year?
  13. I appreciate the offer The details of what I say aren't so critical when I review. It is more about keeping a cohesive theme and ensuring that the text remains clear and decypherable throughout.
  14. I agree with that sentiment. My upcoming article was reviewed by a fellow collector and physics enthusiast and just the act of having someone else look at things really helped the article. Not only with basic things but also focus and clarity. The main problem can be finding someone good to read ones drafts.
  15. Nice site Ian. I'll have to add the bookmark so I don't loose track of it.
  16. This is a really good series for anyone into Roman coins more than casually but not enough to collect auction catalogs or buy BMC/RIC volumes http://www.freemanandsear.com/books.pl?prodid=2743
  17. Hi Ian, It's the price listed for volumes 1-6 inclusive. Any questions youn can always send to numismatist@ancientcoinvalues.com. I looked to see if there was any big articles on Jetons in the first six volumes but I did not notice any. I did see that a George J Bower from New York delivered a paper on it at the 1893 convention, but the paper is not printed.
  18. We'll have to agree to diasagree While ancients have been around longer people didn't really collect them until the last 200 years. With no collectors, no premiums, no need to make counterfeits. There are some exceptions from the Renaissance though it is uncertain if those coins were meant to fool, or simply be fantasies. At any rate I'll wager on more fake US gold than anything else including Byzantine solidi.
  19. I feel less like someone is trying to rip people off with a 2x2 then with an untrusted slab.
  20. The following is a quote from a lawyer, take it for what it's worth A work must be registered for copyright before the copyright owner may file a lawsuit for infringement. It SHOULD be registered before publication because registration provides substantial benefits.
  21. Replicated maybe. But cointerfeits meant to deceive, I disagree. There's just way more US stuff than ancients out there. Morgan dollars alone are a huge market. A lot of unslabbed US gold is/was fake (if I remember Tom DeLorey's comments correctly). To be sure there are fakes in the ancient world. As a percentage maybe the two are the same but I thin there's more liquidity and money in the US market which leads to more fakes. I guess it depends on if you count all those dollars coming out of China
  22. After 1600 one can at least look at the Krause catalog. Are there any good references for the coinage of German States/ Hanseatic League from 1200-1600?
  23. I think there is a lot more fake/altered US stuff than fake ancients.
  24. jlueke

    AT OR NT

    Because of the uneveness, especially the area around 6 o'clock I'd guess artificial.
  25. I think being cleaned applies to most 18th and 19th century collectibles coins of decent types. I know in bust halves that's definitly a large majority. Less so in copper since the cleaning people do tends to be more hamrful there and is thus avoided.
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