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  1. Yes. The other side is the pretty standard flat side for engraving with the ornamental wreath around the edge.
  2. Wattenscheid is the city my ancestors on my father's side moved to once Germany started to unify and industrialize. This is a Schuetzenmedallie for the best youth team shooting in 1935.
  3. http://numismaster.com/ta/numis/Article.jsp?ad=article&ArticleId=27365&et_mid=644546&rid=238119763 Bi-partisan co-sponsors at least. It'll be fun to track and see who kills it
  4. I'd say Constans, definitely the family of Constantine mid 4th century. I would not use choice to describe the condition
  5. I wonder if it was discovered accidentally when someone noticed that a dime shouldn't be sticking to a magnet.
  6. The first one is a beardless Antoninus, so an early Caracalla denarius. The last one read Julia Pia, that's Julia Domna. I can't make out the middle one well enough from the pics.
  7. Third century Roman silver, I'll get you the exact rulers later today.
  8. I think there's a couple of medieval guys around
  9. Mexico also had silver half dimes
  10. 2001, 2002, and 2007 certified proof Lincolns
  11. I'd be suprised if it turned out to be real. Are the diameter and weight correct? If yes any decent size dealer should be able to help, are you near London?
  12. I like coins that come together to tell a story. For instance I collected 7th Century Byzantine and Sassanian coinage because those coins told the story of the fall of one empire and the rise of another with numerous subplots.
  13. Does someone have a recent sheet handy for bid and ask on the 09 S VDB F-VF-XF
  14. Kind of odd, that reverse style doesn't seem like a Roman coin that I've seen.
  15. It'd be cool to juxtapose these with post card or current photographic views.
  16. Here's a link to a probable model for the triskeles. But yours definitely don't have the style of anything real. Also, in Greece you'd need an export certificate to take anything out of the country and the prices there are much higher than the open market for those shops that do deal in real coins
  17. My two sons just totaled up their discounted value of all the world coins they've sorted, identified, stapled, and stored. I'm lucky that they want some money back out, that'll let me recoup the costs and they can keep the rest as the fruits of their labor I think my oldest likes do to things I do, my middle one is a natural collector, my daugher I really don't know yet. It certainly is better than another hour of games or TV though. I haven't tried roll searching on them yet. Have you trained your daughter to spy high grade MS coins to send in to PCGS and flip for a profit? Young eyes might be good for that.
  18. Yeah, that seems to be something maybe better left for shows than online.
  19. The building is the Seewarte in Hamburg which existed 1875-1945 and was the center to study marine meteorology as well as a caduceus. The seated figure sits atop various marine implements with a ship to one side and a storm to the other in the background. She is writing something presumably a sea chart or meteorological data. I'd guess she's a representation on meteorology.
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