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  1. Hey, does anyone have any ideas on why Mexico issued some copper nickel small change in 1882/83 (which isn't that odd) but then abandoned that effort and reverted back to 5 cent silver, 1 cent copper, and no 2 cent pieces. What wrong with that experiment?
  2. There's a Fine 12 PCGS graded 3CN on ebay, "only 7 graded", I suppose at that grade it's true. I guess ebay has remained as goofy as ever.
  3. This was a cool piece of numismatic literature I couldn't resist at the ANA. A coin booklet from the mid 17th century listing various circulating types and their current as well as future values. These were targeted mainly at bankers and money changers.
  4. Hi All, I am wondering if anyone has an email for Medal dealer William Goetz. I talked to him at the ANA and he had one medal I was considering that I'd like to buy but the contact info I have is snail mail only which will work if I can't find anything faster.
  5. Provenence means tracking where a coin came from back to it's source and keeping track of the initial finds and owners in between.
  6. The UK is probably in the best position via the PAS for protecting collectors, find information, letting museums get rare pieces and so on. We are more likely to have this trouble in the US before it goes to the UK.
  7. German Numismatic Association A partial translation January 2009 Private collections have formed the seed from which a majority of museum collections have grown. Time after time, private collecting has provided important information and new discoveries for scholarly numismatics. This is why recent events have filled us with worry. Collecting, especially of medieval and ancient coins, has been accused as a criminal act; under the unjustifiable accusation that collecting is the result and cause of the illegal looting of archaeoligical sites around the world. The police conduct searches of homes, collections are confiscated, collectors are charged with smuggling. There is talk of a reduced legal rights for collectors. We cannot and will not allow coin collecting and dealing to become criminalized and therefore make the following clarification. 1. Collecting of ancient and medieval coins is not criminal. Documented provenance for every coin is not necessary. Still, we urge collectors to document their collections more than before even if they were acquired at coins shows or other venues. 2. We support the protection of archaeological sites and historically significant coin finds. We understand coin hoards can have more worth than simply their financial worth. 3. We oppose any theft of protected cultural property, demand in return, that collectors ,who buy coins over the Internet or elsewhere, in good faith with without intent to acquire stolen cultural property, are not charged with accepting stolen property. Confiscations of complete collections must be stopped. We oppose the behavior of the police in performing home searches and confiscation entire collections.
  8. Coin Collections Seized The gist of the article is that according to a new German law any coin or stamp of 100 years old is supposed to have provenance going back to when it was acquired. If not police can search the home and confiscate complete collections. This is exactly what some people want to see in the US and the world over.
  9. Maybe once Kennedy is gone they'll be able to dump the $1 bill.
  10. That's why you buy the present from your wife and kids yourself and just have them wrap it.
  11. "I have advice for anybody hoping to get rich like this," Curfs said. "Forget it." Terms of Use
  12. I'm sure the Iberian people don't care whether you call them Portuguese or Spanish, it's all the same isn't it
  13. May I ask which auction service you bought this on?
  14. I like ones from Poland, Hungary, and Austria.
  15. Do you mean anno domini years dated in Roman Numerals?
  16. Hard to tell, my first instinct is late 3rd century.
  17. They seem to average around $150. Weimar 5 Mark
  18. Coins depicting two or more languages are very common. For instance in one country many coins use the phrase E Pluribus Unum along with United States. Many coins state DEI GRATIA along with more words in the vernacular. Later Roman coins sometimes mixed Latin and Greek or wrote Latin phrases with Greek letters. A few coins were more interesting in that they repeated the same phrase in multiple languages. This seems to have happened especially during times of conquest. There are Arab coins with Persian writing and a Mongol coin with Arab, Persian, and Mongol scripts. Does anyone out there collect these? Are there many out there?
  19. Avoiding Windows is the best way to protect one's computer :-P As for the spammers, Yahoo groups make your first few posts pass through a moderator to make sure you are really going to post useful content. The option to make the registration take an extra step would also help. The issue could be that if Coinpeople is based one some open source modules it might be harder to change the way it is set-up.
  20. There's the Chicago Coin Club which is open and meets downtown Chicago Coin Club and the Ancient Coin Club of Chicago which is also open and meets in harlan Berk's store.
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