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  1. Very nice coin, with excellent details and history behind it.
  2. I sent an e-mail to dragankg, he replied that he doesn't have a camera and that all the images were from other members, an that he just wanted to show what coins he had.
  3. There appears to be a new member on omnicoin (dragankg) that is taking images from other members and claiming they are in his collection. I've noticed and confirmed that there are three of mine that he is using. I've also noticed coins from other collectors also. I recommend that members check to see if he is also using yours.
  4. There is no "C" mint mark on German coins, so this looks like it could be an error. Nice find.
  5. Excellent find, wish there where hordes like this here in the US.
  6. The only price guide that I am aware of is " Philippine Emergency and Guerrila Currency of World War II" by Neil Shafer 1974 editon. So it would only be a guesstimate of value. As to grading, I would grade the first four as VG and the last two as Fine.
  7. Very sorry to hear about the breakin, hope they catch the SOB's.
  8. From what I can see the coin looks fine to me, it should weight 20 grams and be 35mm. Can you post a picture of the reverse?
  9. A 1909 Indian Head Cent in VF condition.
  10. Whatever looks pretty and appeals to me.
  11. No proof coins were inssued in this series, from what I can see in the image the coin looks to have bag marks and a large scratch on the reverse otherwise it is in beautiful condition. I would grade it as MS-61. Krasue lists it as KM#666, provided it hasn't been cleaned @$225.
  12. The presidential dollars are the worst series I've seen in a long time, not only do they look and feel like tokens but the mint had very poor quality control when making them. I would like to see a full size silver dollar come back, if not in 900 silver than in copper-nickel. I would like to see it designed along the lines of the ASE.
  13. Your coin dates to after WWII circa 1960's I have a number of these restrikes on my omnicoin site.
  14. Male, married and in the 40-60 age group.
  15. Great coins, I love the detail on the old Talers.
  16. Very interesting. How hard is it to come by the coins and notes?
  17. In the Philippines, the Filpinos called these notes "Mickey Mouse Money" and for the most part refused to us it. Most towns and regions printed there own emergency and guerrilla currency. Most Japanese occupation currency has a value @$3-4.00 in UNC condition.
  18. Very nice, these coins were usually overstruck on other coins.
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