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  1. Hello I am very new to this type coin so I took a chance on this coin, There where so many being sold at the same time and there where so many bids that I think it got missed. I have bought several coins when this kind of bidding is going on as they just got missed. and I was able to win them. What I would like to know , did I pay much just under $3.00 and would like to know if my investment was worth the price. I would also like to know if anyone can tell me the value as well. as I will be selling it. Thanks so very much in advance Alan
  2. Greetings all I have not posted in a wile now and have really missed being on the form. Well it is nice to be back and I wish all of you well. I wanted to show this promotional slab I just won, even though a lot of you may think it is a sample slab it is not. I welcome all comments All the Best Alan
  3. Hi I have a box of 25 of these coins, looking to trade for silver rounds. Coins are all slabbed and still in plastic sleeves, all coins come with COA I checked random coins with my loupe, and they are beautiful. PM, Me Alan
  4. Hi Art I am trying to make a short set, all I have to do now, is find all the different years. LOL I have met a fellow who has several different dates as far as I know they run 1918/1929. Like I said they made so many, we should be tripping over them, but where did they all go? I think my theory makes sense, it is the only thing I can think of. Alan
  5. This is one of those samples with a story behind it. It was the largest sample production run PCGS ever made. Between fifty and one hundred thousand of this sample where produced. The largest amount of samples ever made, most samples are produced at around one thousand or even less. some as low a fifty. The funny thing is,I was writing about this sample the day I won them, and will be in my next article as well. They where produced for a beginner coin collector set. My Theory is this, after the kits became no longer important to the young collector and spent to much time under the bed, they where eventually thrown out slab included. I mean they should be all over the net but they are not, and I consider them hard to find. Because there are several dates and the fact that they are circulated, I find them a lot of fun to collect. Being they cane in a beginner's kit, they where a sample of what a slabbed coin would look like. And this is why I suppose they have been called sample slabs, as this is what I would classify them. So there you have it, all those samples and they are hard to find. All the Best Alan
  6. Some new samples to add to my collection. These are getting hard to find. I hope you enjoy them. Alan
  7. Thank you Roger I am glad you enjoyed the article All the Best Alan
  8. Hi I sure could use some information On this token, such as date and value. Thanks Alan
  9. Hi Art I have been trying to get one of those for a long time. That one is a beauty! Alan
  10. Hi ART I think it is a beautiful coin. Also what it represents is great Alan
  11. It has been a wile but here is my new article It is about world sample slabs, and the history behind the coin I hope you enjoy it, world samples slabs are a very interesting and enjoyable subject. All the Best Alan
  12. Hi I have 52 Canadian circulated Quarters-80% silver Also 4 Canadian circulated half dollars 80% silver I am looking to trade for silver rounds. So make an offer, and I will take the best one. Thanks Alan
  13. Welcom to the form Tom You will find this a good place, with amazing people. Alan
  14. Hi Art The sample is from PCI and I don't have it yet, it is in the mail Thanks for asking Art Alan
  15. Hi here is a new sample a friend of mine found in an antique store, It is an older slab which is great, as the are getting harder to find. This does show what I have been saying in my article, look in coin store junk bins, and even antique stores. Many times the store owner has no idea what a sample is and just want to get rid of it. I also have more on the way and will post them when they arrive Alan
  16. Hi buzkirk I paid around $20.00 with the shipping, but I bought it to sell so I will take the highest offer. Alan
  17. Hi I have taken my own pictures as I received the coin today I will try to get them better pictures if needed I was I a hurry today. Thanks for all the comments Alan
  18. Thanks Tom for the research, that was very kind of you, Art as soon as I get the coin i will post my pictures. Thanks guys Alan
  19. Hi I am new to Canadian coins. I have just purchased this coin, and I was hoping someone can confirm what I was told the coin is worth 1881 H. QUEEN VICTORIA, ONE QUARTER DOLLAR SILVER around $200.00 in very good shape. Thank you so much for the help. Alan As soon as I get the coin I will take much better pictures. To me it looks VF+ That is also what the seller called it.
  20. Hi I am looking for some help with this coin. I am going to sell this coin, but when I go on eBay to get an idea of price. It ranges from $49.00 to $299.99. I know the coin is in beautiful condition, for it's age , as you can see from the pictures I have taken. What I kneed to know is how much to charge, that is fair, to both myself and the buyer. The coin is is a cardboard and plastic cover. Thank you so much Alan
  21. Thanks Art You are a real nice person, and it is my honor to know you Your friend Alan
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