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Collection Organization


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Like Tiffy, I've been organizing and re-organizing my collection(s). I've finally completed stage 1 of the project.


20th Century World Coin Collection: (1901-2000) 2184 coins

21st Century coins (orphaned, no organized collection): 61 coins

pre-20th Century coins (orphaned): 12 coins


duplicates: 1785 coins


118 countries represented.


Approx. cost to house collection in air-tites: $750/shipped :ninja:


Collection percent complete: approx. 1.6%



Got a ways to go yet!

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I'm not completely done yet, myself. I'm combining rounds 2 and 3 together (potography and grading), so hopefully will have this part done in the next three or four months. By then, I should have a few hundred more to add to the collection as well.

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