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Any coin is really only worth what someone is willing to pay for it or part for it (thus the concepts of bid/ask). Coin pricing, like grading, is very subjective opinion. :ninja:


Therefore, *I* would say that it is worth around $150+ based on the current gold prices and the AGW of the coin (assuming it's "business strike" and not proof). Proof I would put at probably around $325. If it's a higher grade (MS66+) then add about 10% to the value. As far as the Canadian $100 gold is concerned, the 1976 Olympics is by far the most numerous, and therefore wouldn't command too much higher a price than spot (I'm giving it about 10% above). On the other hand, the 1976 was the only $100 gold to be produced in both proof and business strike, I believe.


Of course, I'm sure somebody would be willing to give you the 2006 Krause price, as they have probably done much more research on the matter than I have :lol: Good luck!

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