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Mysterious Brazil !


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Most of us are aware of the complicated successions of cruzeiros, cruzados, novos or not. But I have always been intrigued by this P-166 (5 cruzeiros) note that is not a part of a series.


What is bugging me is that it has been released - apparently alone in 1961-62 - between two almost identical 5 cruzeiros (p-158, 1953-59) (p-176, 1962-68) series.


I think this p-166 note is beautiful and would have made a wonderful series, very modern for 1961-62 and very consistent with the Brasilia architectural project held by Niemeyer that was becoming reality in these years.


Similarly, the p-227 5000 cruzeiros note is also an orphan note, but at least it was issued during a renaming of the currency and thus it could have been a temporary replacement (filler?) before a new series of notes was issued.


Does anyone have some input here ?? (please, please!!)




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I know only some pieces of information about this note. It was popularly known under the name, Indian note and was printed "in house" by the brazilian mint. I guess as the other series was made by the American bank note company, this is why it stands out amongst them. Maybe it was to costly to continue with a natinonaly produced banknote at that time.

// Joakim

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