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  1. Do you really believe someone can do something - repeatedly - for no reason???
  2. I also want to add that if a series of banknotes (say 1, 5 and 10 of the same denomination) are worth less than 50 cents; the individual notes should'nt sell for five and ten times the price of the first note in the series. Why should the profit be 125x the face value for the 1 and 200x for the next? I have nothing against profit (I would'nt have 2000 diff. notes in my collection if so...) but it seems we are touching something like an emotional (versus rational) string here.
  3. Maybe you're right. The second seller says it may have been a case of massive devaluation, considering the so-called catalog value. If so, the first seller does as if there was no devaluation... ???
  4. try this: http://cgi.ebay.ca/CONGO-DEMOCRATIC-100-FR...oQQcmdZViewItem
  5. Yes, I understand. But my question is: Is it so much harder to get a 10 than a 1 or a 5 ?
  6. I got my first Notgeld 35 years ago and at the time they were not expensive at all because few people were interested in them (this may have been true for paper money in general but in a less important proportion). Some people were not interested in notgeld because they are (in many cases) "postage stamp size money" compared to most other notes. There are so many different types that it becomes hard to know which are scarce or not. The printing is also considered, for many of them very crude, if not bad. I think Notgeld are, mostly, fantastic and they cover enough topics and styles to
  7. I am wondering why a banknote (current issue, not an older one that we could consider rare) can be sold with so much mark up value. Take a 1 Nafka from Eritrea. On the banking market it is worth less than 10 US cents. You pay 1 to 2 dollars for an unc item, which is probably fair. But why does the 5 nafka sell for 3 to 5 dollars (worth les than 40 US cents) and the 10 nafka for 5 to 6 dollars (worth less than a dollar) ??? It may be hard to get some UNC notes (if not easier...) from any particular country, but why does the diffrence between values follow a logarythmic progression (it means
  8. No more issue only if nobody buys again from him...
  9. Beware. Maybe there is a Turkish law forbidding to comment on their banknotes...
  10. The Thailand commemorative 60 Baht note is certainly interesting, as much as some Russian or Polish extra larges notes that I have too. The problem is, sometimes, where to put them!!! My own classifying system uses 6x9 in. envelopes and I have at least 5 notes that do not fit, since I didn'nt want the huge 8x10 format. So I use a separate 8x10 envelope for them all at the time. It goes on top of the separate envelopes but there is no country name on it.. Jacques
  11. I am not sure if the Czech not has a coin pictured (maybe a medal) or royal seal ? Jacques
  12. I am new to this forum but I collect paper money since 1967. I live in Quebec and in 1967 there was Expo 67 in Montreal, a Universal Exhibition that changed my view of the World. I was 9 years old. Among all the magnificent things I saw there, I was fascinated by the vending machines filled with world coins and paper money! For 25 canadian cents, you could get a plastic bubble with 5 or 6 bu coins (aluminum or bronze), or you could get 2 banknotes!. I went a few times to the exhibition (from april to october), but every time a member of my family went there, they would bring me back s
  13. Thank's Kuhli. Nice addition! Jacques
  14. Thank's Joakim, That makes sense. Maybe just a try for what was the lowest denomination currently circulatiing at the time. Anyway, it was not bad at all !
  15. Most of us are aware of the complicated successions of cruzeiros, cruzados, novos or not. But I have always been intrigued by this P-166 (5 cruzeiros) note that is not a part of a series. What is bugging me is that it has been released - apparently alone in 1961-62 - between two almost identical 5 cruzeiros (p-158, 1953-59) (p-176, 1962-68) series. I think this p-166 note is beautiful and would have made a wonderful series, very modern for 1961-62 and very consistent with the Brasilia architectural project held by Niemeyer that was becoming reality in these years. Similarly, the
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