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  1. I found your photo using photo google search. I have almost the same token design but without year. Have you found some more info?
  2. Thanks for the info Old japanese and even more modern banknotes are not so often found over here.
  3. I have recently bought on an auction a japanese 20 sen banknote (P2 in WPM). It was an impulse buy as the auction was ending in just a half hour. I have tried to search ebay and other sites but was unable to find any price estimates or market prices for this banknote. It is in condition VG, and I have yet to recieve it, so I can not post any photos. If I could get a price estimate for G, VG and F grades would be fine. I do not trust WPM prices. Also is this a difficult banknote to find? And finaly I guess there is a number to find with the date of the emperor years in power, so I can identif
  4. Thanks for the input! However I have now got a new email from this user. I paste it here below: bifrost, AdministrationTeam has sent you a new personal message titled "Forum's Administration proudly presents our sponsors". You can read this personal message by following the link below: http://www.coinpeople.com/----------------...--------------- Regards, The CoinPeople.com team.http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php It seems the guy is back in business again! Now selling pharmacy stuff. Member No.: 8,038 Joined: Today, 06:21 PM
  5. I got a message recently with the title: Important message from the forum administration! User is: ForumTeam It tells me that I have a virus and have to visit som page to remove it. This must be a fake message. Warning to other users! I am sertanly not the only one to get this message.
  6. One nice banknote I got recently. netherlands1000g
  7. It is a bit different than the holographic strip you are mentioning (you can see a holographic strip to the left of the note). The numbers seem to float on another white plane than the paper (it is like you see through a window behind the note and get a feeling of depth). The numbers seem to move independently from when you move the note. // Joakim
  8. It is a rather nice feature I think. Now are the new 1000kr banknotes beginning to appear more in circulation. The waiting time was because there were low demand in the market for new 1000kr banknotes. Also 1000kr banknotes are often in very good condition even after many years in circulation. This of course because they are a high denomination (1000kr about 145 USD). // Joakim
  9. Have you thought of including the portuguese 10 000 Escudos 1989-91, P185 with Dr. Egas Moniz? It depicts the actual Nobel prize medal on the back. He got the nobel prize in medicine for his works about lobotomy. Not one of the best moments in the Nobel comittes history . // Joakim
  10. Actualy there are also members from Sweden here to, as yours humble truly . If anybody is interested in getting old or new banknotes from Sweden you can always email me. // Joakim
  11. In my WPM 9th edition the 3 rubles 1905 Timashev is noted for 25 USD in VF and the 10 rubles 1909 Timashev is also 25 USD in VF.
  12. I have a friend that is a specialised german notgeld collector. He has some strange types such as one in the form of a coin made of pressed graphite and two others from an aluminium plant. The first is a paper notgeld and the other with the same design is made of aluminium foil. It is colored and resembles the paper notgeld. The story goes that when they were out of paper for the normal type they used material from the plant.
  13. There are some ladies on the Singapore 100 dollars 1977 banknote (dancers on the back of the note). Unfortunately I have sold the only 100 dollars 1977 banknote I had. // Joakim
  14. It is a very nice looking banknote. I have it in my collection, but I think the Macau 2006 banknote series are more beautiful, especially the 100 patacas. Of course as a specialized Macau collector, I might be somewhat biased // Joakim
  15. The Iraqi kingdom notes or at least the early republic notes are a more worthwhile pursuit, I think. But of course their prices has risen a lot . Perhaps the best would be to guess the next country that will be in a hotspot and buy their notes (Iran?) .
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