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Need help with an ID


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a local token from Elberfeld in Germany ofter referred to as a Brot(d)marke (bread token).


I'm not 100% sure of its history but apparently there was a very bad harvest in the area in 1847 and presumably bread was rationed via the use of these tokens (?). There are earlier copper Brotmarke tokens from Elberfeld circa 1816 /17.


I haven't a clue regarding value but I would imagine that $5 - $10 would cover it.



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Neat! :ninja: FWIW, Elberfeld is now part of the city of Wuppertal, North Rhine Westphalia. The lion depicted is the Lion of Berg (which can be found in the CoA's of various formerly "Bergish" cities around here); it holds a grid-iron which refers to St. Laurentius (Lawrence?). And as Ian wrote, 1846-49 were particularly bad years in that area where such tokens were issued to the poor. People in the lowest tax class could then buy bread at about two thirds of the high regular price.



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