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10 paise strike thru?


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India's coining process is one of the lackest in the world (IMHO). Countries with poor coining processes that I have encountered are India, Yemen, Turkey for the worst coin makers (again, IMHO). It is not uncommon for me to find coins that are splitting (struck on a cracked planchet), off center, clips, etc. Especially from India. So, unless it is a major doubled die, I tend to not think twice about it as an error. So, in essence, to answer your question, I would say that your error is common. Sorry.


Also, if you are trying to capture the image of this clashed die on your coin, and you are using a scanner to capture these images, you will have a lot of difficulty. To capture something like that you'd need the lilght source coming from one direction only. But, with a scanner, the light source will com from all directions. Which will make it dang near impossible to accomplish that view you are looking for. If you have a digital camera with a decent macro function, try using a secondary light source (like a lamp), turn off your flash, and try to capture it that way.

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