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1949 San Francisco restrike of Mexico 1898 Peso


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1949 San Francisco Mint restrike of Mexico 1898 Peso


I revised my article and here it is again.

I managed to obtain some more examples of these coins.


In 1949 the San Francisco Mint struck 2,000,000 copies of a Mexico Peso dated 1898 for use in China.


These were made for the Chiang Kai-Shek Nationalist government (Kuomintang) which had introduced a new silver-based currency.





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Thanks for the hard work! This is a great benefit. Have you submitted it to a print publication? It is definitely useful and interesting.


Americans collect Chinese issues of all kinds, of course, for many reasons. I have "Bank of Communications" notes with a Airplane on them, for my aviation set. A couple of years ago, I read an interesting study called "The Soong Dynasty" by Sterling Seagrave about the three daughters of "Charley" Soong who controlled China. One was Madame Chiang kai-shek. Another was Madame Sun Yat-sen. The third married K K. Kung who was the Bank of China before he got tired of Chiang ripping him off. Your article just underscores how Chiang siphoned billions of dollars out of America -- some of it traded to Japanese occupation forces in return for consumer goods from Japan -- when sucking up to Hitler and Mussolini ultimately proved unprofitable.

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