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Contester pour Sockpuppets seulement.

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Contester pour Sockpuppets seulement. I, LeSnipe, an admitted sockpuppet, declare to open a contest. In fairness, you may all enter, but only the sock person can win.



Post an image of pièce de Belgique (how say -- coin of Belgium -- yes?) to be entering.


Ending of posts - Tuesday 17Jan2006 6AM Brussels.



Prix: Le Dollar of Dwight Eisenhower - 1976 in paper of Mint - Unc.




S'il vous plaît l'excuse dessinant mais il très fort utiliser l'appareil-photo avec la main a enfoncé en haut votre.. Is hard to take camera image with hand stuck up... :ninja:

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Like I'm not the one you wanna contest, see

cause I'll ___ yo' ___ like the ____ did that _____

that got "Banned From TV"



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LeSnipe, he has here being to make winner of entries known to all.



We have fireworks and balloons here in Brussels.






(LeSnipe is liking Eminem candies. We only have when tripped to US or Canada.)



Eminem please to send to LeSnipe the address of post and prize will be quicktime on way.

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