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2000 and 1998 TII Wide AM

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I'll try and get some comparison pics tonight.  I found a 1998 to compare, I just gotta find a 2000 laying around somewhere.

Well, you really don't need to do a side by side comparrison Tiffy... I recently auctioned off a 2000-P Type-II on eBay a couple weeks ago (AU). And I still had the images up from when I posted the auction. So, I decided to on the fly to create a webpage of it. and well, here you guys go...

Type I and Type II Reverses on 1998-2002 (1997 may be included too, not sure).


Well, have fun....boring day at work, and I am updating the foriegn variety section of my website. Check it out if ya want.

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Well, I would, but alas, these boards don't like me and my images. Ever since I uploaded that image of my double clipped Sac Dollar, I haven't been able to upload another pic. :ninja: That's why I linked it to a webpage I created.


Also, if you guys are looking for referrence shots of these and a more detailed break down on these (as well as retail pricing too), Ken Potter's Variety Vault has a section devoted to this type of variety as well as what he wants for his coins in various MS grades. I don't have a link to his site, but you can google his name and awaaaaaaaaaay you go........LOL


Well, in taking your fun away....let's see if you can out do me on a particular variety that I have, with an error to boot. ;) I have a 1925-S DDO#1 (in the Cherry Pickers Vol. 4 book) with a ragged clip. ;) And not to be lonely I also have a 1969-P DDO#1 ragged clip too. Best of both worlds....now if only one of those was off center too, and man o man, talk about how cool that would be. :lol:


Yet again, I see I went into "blah, blah, blah" (babble) mode. Haha

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