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1778 10 kopecks KM - your opinion


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What do you think, guys, is it original? No one thinks otherwise yet, but one element stands out for me from the rest of the coins I looked through last night. Crown over E. 


Sigi, can you please check in the book on these coins, if this variant is mentioned? I couldn't find it on M-DV site.

Original link:


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The crown does not look uncommon.  As there is strong bidding  in the Russian forum people there seem to be unsuspecting,  an obvious  fake would have been detected already. Personally I don't like the coin, the cypher looks too copperish, Siberian coins look more like bronze due to the metal composition. Along with the unevenness on the cypher side at 3 o'clock inside the wreath I would not exclude a cast (???), anyway to me it looks suspicious. I'd prefer to take it in hand first. I may be wrong, of course.

How about going for this one?  https://www.sixbid.com/en/koelner-muenzkabinett-tyll-kroha-nachfolger/7190/europaische-munzen-und-medaillen/5888260/russland-kaiserreich?term&orderCol=lot_number&orderDirection=asc&priceFrom&displayMode=large&auctionSessions=7485|245185&sidebarIsSticky=false




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Thank you Sigi, I wasn't going to buy it. Just wanted to know if this crown is known or not. Sergey has shown me a very similar one, close to identical crown. But interesting if there is this variant of crown in the book. Just a rare variant by the look of it. It is most probably a good original coin, but nowadays one can be sure of nothing. 1781 I have similar one in quality to the one on sixbids.

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Nothing to add regarding the variant.  Been looking at the pics.  But the color, as Sigi writes, makes me suspicious. 

The aging appears artificial, and bright copper high spots seem too red.  Could just be the image, of course.

Reminds me of a very nice 1802 EM 5K I bought from a European ebay seller many years ago, similar coloring and apparent grade.  Once in hand, an obvious copy.

No pics, sorry.  Sent it back.

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