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FA: Error / variety coins, and a way to see....


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First off, hey people, long time no see. I've been real busy with coin photo taking and listing on ebay. I should have left a message on here 2 weeks ago when I had my first batch of error coins up on eBay. Oops...


Bear in mind I'm not fishing for bidders. But if you want to bid that is cool too. But since I can't seem to usually get one pic up here due to the image sizes, ifigured I would extend my my ebay sellers name to ya'll and a link to my items so ya'll can view them. AGAIN, I stress, I am not fishing for bidders. I did place "FA:" at the begining of this topic just incase though. Didn't want to break and policies. LOL And or make it easier for the moderator to find the thread just in case (he/she) decides to kill it.


Anyways, I go by te name of dacoinman on ebay, and or you should be able to click this link and get there too. Seller: dacoinman on eBay


As with ALL of my auctions, i do NOT use a stock photo(s). All images for every coin is taken from the coin for sale. So, who knows, you may even see the various stages on some CUDs or RPMs, etc.


Anyways, i hope I didn't irritate anyone with this post, and I hope I didn't over step my posting boundaries.


Keep on searchin',


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