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Who can tell me who this guy is?


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I saw a show many years ago about money and counterfeit money. It was probably on TLC or The Discovery Channel or History Channel (or insert variant here). One section of the show discussed a man who had some nice designs for US currency that were colorful and beautiful. This man would hand draw his $100 bill design and take it into a retail store. He would try to purchase an item (a $25 book in the show) and tell the shop owner all about the money he made and his design ideas. The man would try and exchange his $100 bill for an item from the store plus the correct change in legal US currency. Apparently, if you have one of his notes plus the actual receipt used in the transaction, it is a real collectors item. I am curious about this man and possibly buying one of these notes. Does anyone know who I am talking about?



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his name is J.S.G. Boggs, but good luck finding his notes for sale. the few i've come across were for sale in art museums, and were priced in the hundreds of thousands! a few of his relatively inexpensive pieces were the orange 1-dollar bills he made for the florida fun show, but i haven't seen one of those for sale for quite a while.











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