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1966 Penny Errors or No?


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Hey, I know nothing about coins, but I enjoy looking at them so I’ve just started “collecting” I guess. Does this 1966 penny have an error? It looks like the writing is closer to the edge than others and the “We” has either been damaged or something is definitely wrong with it right; maybe not, I don’t know!? Thanks!


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I signed up so I could answer this one. It’s unlikely to be post-mint damage. 1966 was in the middle of the Great Coin Shortage when silver was removed from higher denominations. The cent and nickel weren’t affected so the Mint was churning out oceans of them as a stopgap. That led to a lot of stress on dies and masters, which in turn caused images to blur and spread. For whatever reason the Mint didn’t address the problem right away; over time legends started to merge into coins' rims and images lost detail, like this 1968 cent.



The lowered "E" is WE is more curious. I looked at older cents in my collection and the same misalignment is present on all of them, so it was clearly a long-term oddity. FWIW it’s not found on later coins so someone at the Mint must finally have noticed!


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