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Found 4 results

  1. Https://coinconnectshop.etsy.com DDO Close AM State quarter errors. 1964 SMS errors.....
  2. Hey, I know nothing about coins, but I enjoy looking at them so I’ve just started “collecting” I guess. Does this 1966 penny have an error? It looks like the writing is closer to the edge than others and the “We” has either been damaged or something is definitely wrong with it right; maybe not, I don’t know!? Thanks!
  3. So I see each these YouTube videos about 1982 small dates struck on copper planchette what happens if you have a large date 1982 penny that weighs 3.1 grams they have no value at all it's a still an error right?
  4. This is confusing the heck out of me this guy has a penny for sale for $2,000 it's almost identical to mine and he's cleaning his double die on the liberty and the date so im loading a pictures of his and mine and can you tell me if someone is either one of them is a double die or both of them because I am interested in selling mine just want to make sure it's worth something... As always thank you in advance
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