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Cash coin from Corina's last auction


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As most of you know, forum member Corina regularly places auctions up in the forums here at Coin People.  The latest one had a couple of banknotes, early 20th century coins, and some unidentified Chinese 10 cash coin.  Well, I got the package from the auction today and was mildly surprised with my mystery cash coin.


It was a Hsien-feng 10 cash from the Yunnanfu Mint.  It has some dinged up rims, but it quite easily identifiable.  It is a nice specimen for being over 150 years old!


According to Krause, this mint was responsible for casting 1, 10 and 50 cash denominations.  This specimen would be the first of this denomination cast at this mint.

Hsieng-feng Yunnan 10 Cash - 1851-61.jpg

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Nice to see this one again!* :-)

With Hsien Feng (Xiangfeng in pinyin) cash coins, it's often much easier to find a multiple cash in good shape than a 1 cash in good shape - the majority of the 1 cash are quite poor in weight and quality.

*I had several duplicates of these about 10-15 years ago that I sold on the BST forums here any years ago.

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