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Cleaning Coins from Tape


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I recently came across some coins which were inside a Christmas card but affixed with tape to hold still. When I removed the tape to release the coins, I noticed that one side of the coins where the tape was in contact is still sticky. I was wondering what is the best method to use to remove the stickiness from the coins. These are run of the mill coins, so there is not much value in them.


Thank you very much for any feedback.

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Thank you very much for your reply. With regard to rarity they are common coins and they are in used condition. When it comes to the metal I am no expert in the field, but I have checked the coins on Colnect and it states that they are:


1. 70%copper/24.5%zinc and 5.5%nickel


2. 75%copper/25%nickel


the others are also copper/nickel but different % than the above.



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For this type of coin I would soak them in a solution of dawn dish soap. It has strong decreased properties but is quite gentle.

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