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the following items were found out of the 2 for $1 bucket at coin show


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Hey everyone


Recently attended a coin show in Thomasville, GA this weekend. I am always a sucker for the bargain bucket coins and hit the jackpot. Keep in mind these coins were 2 for $1 and while not high end valuable coins certainly are coins you hardly ever come across for this cheap:


1763 Hungary Denar

186_ Papal States 1 Soldo

(1796-1797) Franc Decime

(1796-1797) France 5 Centimes

1861 New Brunswick Cent (2)

1750 Great Britain Half Penny

1816 Great Britain Shilling

1827 Great Britain Half Penny

"To Hanover" Brass token

1856 France 10 Centimes

1866/5 Mexico 1/4 Real

1845 Baden Kreuzer

1855 Saxony-Albertine 2 Pfenigge

1845 Belgium 2 Cents

1833 Spain 4 Maravedis

1826 Sardinia 3 Centesimi

1858 Naples Tornese

1812 Austria Kreuzer

1871 Prince Edward Island Cent

1878 Greece 10 Lepta

1837 Canada Half Penny Token

"Ships Colonies and Commerce" Canada token

1826 Sardinia 5 Centesimi

1843 Azores 10 Reis

1813 Spain 2 Maravedis

1800 Austria Kreuzer

1884 Switzerland 20 Rappen

1816 Austria Kreuzer

1880 Switzerland 5 Rappen

1782 Salzburg 2 Pfennig

1824 Spain 2 Maravedis

1812 Saxe-Meinigen 1/2 Kreuzer

1897 Straits Settlements Cent

1926 Switzerland 10 Rappen

1921 Australia 1/2 Penny

1861 Mexico 1/4 Real

1817 Nassau 1/4 Kreuzer

1805 Draped Bust US Cent

Undated Coronet Head US Cent (2)

undated Hungary 3 Kracjar Groschen (circa 1666-1695)


If you do the math, you will see that I spent $20 for this. Not a bad haul for a day, eh? I don't think it would be an outrageous figure to say that these are at least $100 worth of coins here. From what I have read, there were only 6,700 denars made in 1763 in Hungary so it is a bit unusual although I see them going in the $10 range online. Also bought a fully graded Luxembourg 250 Franc silver coin from the early 1960s for $20. It is in MS 64 condition.


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Very nice haul. It does appear that you got some terrific bargains -- and you had all that fun. Can't beat it for that price.

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yeah its kind of strange how undervalued the coins are over here... there's a place in Thomasville that will sell you Canadian silver for under melt and a couple places you could find decent conditioned coins for melt, 5 for $1, 2 for $1, etc. And these are the brick and mortar places, not the shows. I always make a point to make an extra withdrawal from the savings account whenever a show comes to town because I almost always get my money's worth at these shows.

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