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So that's where impaired proofs come from


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I was a little puzzled by a missing proof 1993S Jeff I'd bought last weekend. I figured I'd left it at Evil Twin's place.


It turned up today in my shoe. Outside the cardboard flip, which was also in the shoe. Methinks any chance of getting a PR69DCAM are now pretty minimal... I have NO idea how it got in my shoe, or why it took until today to notice it.

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I'd have to agree with you on the strangeness of the whole thing. The story alone is worth far more than the nickel will ever be.

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I have found the strangest things in my shoes: House keys that had accidentally fallen into a shoe and had been lost for some hours - a big problem when you are living alone, because there is no one else to help you find them.


As a teenager, I found a funnel web spider (atrax robustus) in a shoe - another big problem, because they are the deadliest spider species on Earth, quite capable of killing you within an hour so, with their neurotoxin. Required hospitalisation. My kid brother rather facesioisly said that I was always going to survive, because I had no brains anyway!


I have an aluminium bronze pad printed colourized proof dollar (not found in shoe), that was taken from circulation - a bit of a mystery as to why it may have persisted in circulation for so long, not only because of it's mirror fields (now imparied), but also because of it's very obvious colourization.

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