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Cover This - Again *ENDED*

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Oukki doukki. Someone has got to give away something while T'bunny is gone. ;) I still have some extra Soviet/Russia circs to giveaway. I will throw some other world circs in there as well.


We shall do this one in english this time. What is the title of this song and who originally performed it.


I hope this lasts a bit longer than the last one. :ninja: Unlimited guessing, GOOD LUCK!

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Solitary Man - Neil Diamond :ninja:



Bingo! Congrats daggit, PM me with your addy.



Um, Yeah, easy one. Solitary Man Written by Neil Diamond Released by Neil Diamond in 1972.



I thought it might be but I was not too sure. That song was unfamiliar to me ('72 was my year of birth) until I heard the cover. I will have to think of something a tad more challenging for the next bit. ;)

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