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ID that coin / Cost that pup?


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I posted a pic of a coin that I am unable to identify in my album.

Please take a look and let me know what you think....

It's very large, about the same size but bigger and maybe a tad slimmer than a US silver dollar.

Has the look and feel of Silver.

Has 1780 on it?


Cost that pup? What's a 1915 1 mark (germany) worth.... probably MS65-70. Looks like it just come from the mint,, with some very nice subtle toning around the rim.

Is it silver,,, sure look's like it.


As always,,


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I can't help with the latter but I can with the former.


It is a Maria Theresia Thaler which has been minted with the 1780 date until present times:




You need to get into the contest area more often. :ninja: I just gave away one recently.



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